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Take a little piece of my heart............

Shew.......... this past week has been hard as we had to say goodbye to our sweet cat Lil Man Davis.

If you have known me at all since college, you know that my life has been a parody of comical stories starring our fur babies.  And, in the center of it all was Lil Man.  He was a love bug, but very mischievous. He was a lot like a dog, very loyal, my shadow,barked on occasion (I kid you not), and truly the center of all activity in our house.  

Everyone who came to our house met Lil Man Davis first.  He always made sure he was the center of attention. 

Now we still have Scooter Man Davis and Butter Man Davis (all 3 cats were from the same litter), but no one was like my Lil Man.  I love all my babies differently, and the love I gave Lil Man looked different than how I love Scooter and Butter. He was affectionate, more so than any other cat I've ever had. 

When I was in college, we officially became the boys "parents," and for the past 16 years its been a wild adventure. For most part, the first few years of his life, Lil Man was healthy and normal cat.  However, he soon became allergic to the dander his skin gave off and we went through a series of medical consultations to determine how to best treatment.  It wasn't until he was eight that we found the right type of medicine.  During that time, he became the biggest love bug, and everyone's favorite.

Check out how young he was.  This is when he weighed more than Butter Man Davis. 

I always joked that when we were going through finding the right treatment for him, that we treated him like every day was his last day. LOL!!  So, for nearly 10 years he has been spoiled to the core.  Which, didn't bother me at all. 

This picture makes me laugh, because I was taking a before picture of the wall behind the cough, before I hung two pictures, and when I looked closely at the photo there is my shadow sitting the cough posing.  LOL. He was a nut!  

Lil Man hated the camera and avoided pictures at all cost.  I actually have so many pictures of Scooter and Butter, and very few of the little guy. 

He was also a cuddle kitty.  Here is a picture of me (not looking the best) home sick and look who was there to cuddle and sleep with me.  Its something we did EVERY night.  I always looked forward to coming home and relaxing, watching TV, and just spending time with my little buddy. 

Now don't get my wrong, my husband is the love  of my life and I love him more than anything on this earth, but there is only so much reality TV a man can take, and often times Matt and I watch TV in separate areas of the house, and this was my time with Lil Man.

He ruled the house, and never got punished.  And, to be honest, I wouldn't change a thing. I am so thankful for the 16 years I got to have him, and know that I will probably never have a cat like him again. 

Last winter, Lil Man Davis came down with a cold that we fought to overcome for nearly 11 months.  His weight drastically decreased, losing 3-4 lbs since February.   We moved his litter box to the main level in the house because he couldn't go up and down the stairs anymore, and even made special accommodations for when he ate dinner.  

I had been praying over his declining health for months, and really asking the Lord to give me such a strong sense of peace, that I would known when it was time.  I read so many articles on how others came to the decision, and really prayed and prepared my heart.   Finally, I knew it was time.  We had had a really rough 48 hours last weekend , and when I looked into his eyes he wasn't there anymore. 

I had peace about the decision, because I knew it was for the best.  But, honestly speaking, this past week has been really hard.  Especially at night.  When the house gets quiet.  That was the time when I always held and cuddled him.  All the little kisses and love.  Oh what I would give to do that one more time.  

But I have comfort, because I got to experience his unconditional love for the past 16 years, and that is priceless to me.  I am so thankful that the Lord picked Lil Man Davis to be ours.   

So, to my buddy, my side kick, and my forever furry love - Thank you.  Thank you for always wanting to be with me.  Thank you for always seeking me out when I got home.  All you wanted was love, not looking for me to do anything but to hold you and love you.  I know you are in a better place, but I miss you so very much.  I miss the voices you made, the way you walked around the house (we could always hear you coming), the way you fit perfectly in my arms, and your one-track stubborn mind.

Life will never be the same, and I know these sad days will get easier.  But, I will never forget you my sweet baby.  And, yes, a big ole piece of my heart is now gone with you to heaven.  I will see you again, I just know I will.  

With a grateful heart,


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Susan C. said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I had to put down my Beau on 5/30/2016 and I adopted him on 8/13/1997, so I understand. I enjoy reading your blog and especially this post with all the pictures of your fur babies. Susan C.

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