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This is 36...........

I cannot believe in less than three (3) months I will be 37.  Its kind of surreal to think that I am almost 40, as most days I barely feel 30.  LOL!!  However, for the first time in my life as I look around I realize that people my age are leading such different lives. 

At age 18, most of my friends were in the same situation as me.  We were graduating high school, preparing for college, enjoying life as a young adult, and having a blast in the dating world.  However, 18 years later, our lives are so very different. 

**Today, some of my friends are married, while others have never been married, or they are divorced or even widowed. 
**Some friends have kids, while others have adopted kids, or foster kids, or (like me) have not had kids.  Those that have kids, have kids that are in high school, while others have kids that are less than 6 months old.

**Some friends have very successful careers, while others decided to focus on other aspects of life and their careers are just jobs that pay the bills. 

**Some friends still have their parents and grandparents in their lives, while others have neither.

**Some friends live in nice homes that have been decorated by an interior decorator, while others are renting an apartment because they are not ready to settle down yet. 

**Some friends have traveled around the world, while others haven't really left the Southeast. 

The list could go on and on, but the fact is that we actually have "real life" experiences that have shaped each of our lives differently, some for the good.  
Yet, this is life. This is what's its like being 36.

My 36 life is............

I live back in my hometown. 
I married my high school sweetheart, and we are still very much in love. 
I am fortunate to have both my parents in my life. 
I am blessed that two of my best friends are my bro and sis-in-law. 
I have a career I love. 
I love Tennessee football.  
I have big dreams for my career. 
I do want kids in a couple of years.  
I still love Yankees Baseball.
I love our home we live in. 
I find myself lucky that I can count on one hand the number of people that I have been close to that I have went to Heaven. 
I have had my heart broken twice, both by friends who I thought would be in my life forever.
I have fewer best friends today than I did 10 years ago, but those friends I do have are my very best friends. 
I still respect people the most, when I know they have a hard work ethic.  
I believe the best way to live life, is to live one full of faith. 
I believe being honest in the small things is critical to success. 
I believe in being kind and forgiving is the only way to live. 

 Taking some time to stop and look at life is so important from time to time.  To reflect on where we are and where we are going.  Being a good steward of what the Lord has blessed me with, and ready for all that is ahead.  

Being 36 is such a good age.  With lots of life behind me, and (God willing) a lot of life ahead of me, being 36 is such a precious age in life.

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Lately..........September Recap

September has been a crazy, busy, and wild month, and its not even over.  My travel schedule started picking up last week, and I will be traveling for the next four (4) weeks straight.  However, before I start planning for the upcoming trips, I thought it would be fun to give a little recap of the past  few weeks.

I kicked off the month with my new Leadership Kingsport class at Kanuga Camp in North Carolina.  I had an awesome time getting to know everyone, and I am excited for all the adventures ahead for our class.

View from my cabin's front porch..... so peaceful!

 Ropes Course!

 Meeting New Friends

 Looking a hot mess, but loving every minute.

I left Leadership Kingsport Retreat, and headed back to Bristol just in time to work and celebrate Battle at Bristol activities.  

 Our organization hosted a national media event at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum. 

 Next, we hosted 5,000 of our closest friends on State Street for the big Sign Reveal!
 Chamber Folks and BCM..........Love our Partnership!

Taking the Stage before the Big Reveal!
Half Maroon and Half Orange.........Bristol is happy to kick off Battle at Bristol!

On Friday, we hosted a Downtown Pep Rally with Cheer Teams from UT and VT!

Next, we headed to the Kenny Chesney Concert at the Speedway!!  We had an awesome time. 

 The Band Perry opened for Kenny, and they were AWESOME!!

Matt and I loving the concert! 

And, of course these two went with us too!!

Best Kenny Show EVER!!!

The next day, we got up and got ready for the Battle at Bristol game!
 It was hot, but we decided to do the Vol Walk anyways!!  (Bad Decision!)

 30 Minutes before Kick Off! 

 Best National Anthem EVER! Our view was amazing!

Whew........... we won the game!  Amazing experience! 

The next weekend was Bristol Rhythm & Roots Weekend, and it was a good one.
Amazing Crowds all weekend long!!

 Love this view!!  What an awesome weekend! 

 This past week I headed to Chattanooga for a week with the TN Tourism Industry. 
Gov. Haslam closed out the conference. 
He is definitely my all time favorite Tennessee Governor in my life time.

Hope you enjoyed the recap! More to come soon. 

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September Goals

Only 4 months left in 2016, and I am sooo motivated to end this year better than I began it!!  I love goal planning, but more importantly I love the everyday steps it takes to accomplish those goals. 

Here are 7 Goals I have for September

#1 Get more consistent with my morning quiet times. 
-Spend first 30 minutes of the day in quiet time with the Lord studying the Word, worshiping, and praying.
-Finish weeks #2, #3 and #4 of Beth Moore's Entrusted Bible Study. 
-Continue to make weekly prayer list and pray over those needs daily.

#2 Spend more time with my hubby
September is a busy month for me, and I want to ensure I spend enough time with Matt each and every day.  We always find time to talk each day, but we have gotten out of the habit of date nights.  We need to plan a date night for later in the month.

#3 Lose 10lbs
-Workout 4-5 times a week.
- Follow meal plan of 21 Day Fix
- Take Vitamins Daily
- Continue to meal plan and meal prep

#4 Read More
- Order one careeer book
- Plan 2 books to read at the beach.

#5 Find a home church by the end of the year.
- Make a list of things we are looking for in a church and research the community for local churches.

#6 Spend more time with friends
- Schedule a lunch date with a friend who just moved into town.

#7 Spend time with family
- Visit In-Laws More
- Celebrate dad's B-Day
- Host football viewing parties at the house.
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Hello Fall Wardrobe

Since Labor Day has come and gone, its time to finish putting together my fall wardrobe.  There are so many incredible items out right now that I don't know where to start.  Below are a few things I really want to add to my wardrobe this fall:

1. Rupert Sanderson Isolde Point-Toe Flats
2.  Cardigan and Jeans and Animal Print Shoes..........who can go wrong with that?
3. Lucky Boots
4. Love this look with the giant scarf.
5. Talbots Sequence Cardigan
6. Tablbotts Plaid Wrap
7. Talbots Cardigan- I like it in Pink
8. Christian Louboutin Flats

Click on the following for links to all images above:

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Labor Day Weekend...........

This weekend was soooo nice and quiet, and its just what I needed.  

On Friday night, I ended up working really late and didn't leave the office until almost 10pm. However, I didn't mind because I really wanted to wrap up all my work "To-Dos" so I would not have to work all weekend.  And, it worked. 

On Saturday, I got up and made plans to run errands with my good friend Ryana who just arrived back in the U.S. from Cambodia.  We ran around, did a little shopping, and then ended the night eating dinner at Ridgewood (best BBQ in America)!!  It was the best day, and I really enjoyed just hanging out with Ry and catching up, it had been too long. 

On Sunday, I got up and hit the ground running.  I clearned our home, cooked sausage balls, no bake cookies, apple pie and a meatloaf.  We invited my parents over for dinner, and it was nice to have them over and enjoy some time relaxing around a good meal. 

On Monday, I had another quiet day.  I finished Week #2 of the new Beth Moore study I am doing called "Entrusted," and then cleaned out the garage and worked out.  Next I got all my Junior League activities organized and started drafting new blog posts for future blogs.  Monday night, we just relaxed, ate dinner, and enjoyed the end to a quiet week. 

This is my last quiet weekend for a few weeks, but that is okay. 

Have an awesome week, and I am so excited to finally kick off fall!!  

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Semptember Randomness

Its official!!  I am ONE MONTH AWAY from this view!!!  Let the vacay countdown begin now!!  LOL!!

In other random news, for the last few years, I have sported red nails and toenails.  I am obsessed with OPI's Big Apple Red, and just love it.  But, lately, I have been wanting to go a little more natural.  Here are a few colors I am considering.

OPI - Bubble Bath

Hawaiian Orchid

Rosy Future

In other news, here is my September playlist!  Its going to be a busy month, and I need some fun tunes to get me through it! I have packed this list with lots of goodies and hope you enjoy!

Happy September!
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Goodbye August.........

Where did these past few weeks go???  I cannot believe the Olympics have been over a week, and we are only a few days away from September.   I thought it would be fun to do a highlight post of the last 3-4 weeks, to show a little about what we have been up to lately.

 I kicked off the month by discovering this channel! All the Olympics on one channel, this was heaven!! I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED the Olympics, and counting down to the Winter Olympics in 18 months!!

 I kicked off my first meeting with Leadership Kingsport.  An amazing group, and excited for all the fun times ahead. 

 A few co-workers along with my Matt, Jamie, Kristy, and I headed to Fern Valley for an incredible Farm to Table Dinner.

 The personal touches were amazing, and so was the dinner.  

 Our crazy group.

 I also got to celebrate a good friend of mine's 50th B-Day!! 
Incredible Cake!

 Last week we headed to Knoxville for a little pre-Battle at Bristol promo stop.  We saw nearly 2,000 people in less than 3 hours!, and have an awesome time.  And, it was so fun seeing so many familiar faces!!

 Next, my boss and I headed over to WBIR to talk all things Bristol! 
It had been ages since I've been in that studio, and it was nice to be welcomed back. 

 And, then for the last week this has been me.  
I have been feeling awful with a sinus infection and cold, and hoping to be on the mend.
September is going to be crazy, and I want to feel my best!! 

Enjoy these last few days of August!

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TV Time Out

 Hey Friends!!  As most of you know I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olympics.  So, instead of working on blog posts at night and posting every other day, I've decided to enjoy the games and get back into this blog after the games!

I will be back the week after the games end, and until then take a break and enjoy the OLYMPICS!!

Team USA!!
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Lets Decorate - Gym Inspiration

Last year, when we moved into our house, we had one room next to our downstairs basement that was unfinished.  The room is a 15 x 20 space and we have decided to set up a workout room in that area.  To help us get ready to decorate and complete the gym, I've made a vision board of key things I want to include in the room.  We hope to start on the painting in the coming weeks, and the reveal will probably be in early 2017.  (Fingers Crossed)

I love, love, love the light gray walls with white trim. 
Its so clean and really will open up the space. 

I LOVE the color of this flooring.  
I really want to put down hard wood floors in our gym, and then add mats in key areas. 

This saying is awesome!!  This is a must get. 

Since, we are talking about working out, I am kicking off a new workout program today.  I am doing a mix of the new Country Heat Workout and 21 Day Fix Program. I had amazing results earlier this year, and hoping to drop another 20-30 lbs by the end of the year.  I will post about the journey in the coming weeks.  

Have a great Monday! 
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5 on Friday

Its Friday and another round of 5 on Friday!!  I love these posts because its always a catch post from my week. Its been a great week, and I am sooo excited for the weekend ahead.

1. Battle at Bristol 
We finally got our Battle at Bristol tickets this week and I am super excited. The game is about a month away and I am literally counting down the days.

2. This Drink  - Starbucks Vanilla Latte
I am obsessed with this drink.  It is soooo delish, and the entire jug costs as much as one serving in the store. 

3. Instagram Stories 
Ummm.....hello Instagram?  They just laid the smack down on SnapChat.  I like both platforms, but Instagram is much easier to use.

4. New Bible Study via YouVersion 
 I am loving this new bible study, Learning to Lead Like Jesus. I have gained great information and tips on how to lead with more compassion, patience, and love.

5. The Hills 
All I have to say is THANK YOU MTV for putting one of my all time favorite shows back on TV for an hour this past week.  I absolutly loved the reunion show!!

And, finally, who is excited for the OLYMPICS!!!  I am sooo pumped for tonight's opening ceremonies, and so glad my mom is coming over to watch with me!

Happy Weekend!!
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