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Hello April

Happy April Friends!!  As I logged onto to write this post, I realized I hadn't been on here in a month.  March was an insane month, full of lots of work projects and travel, which led to working a lot of late nights and weekends.  As I look back over the past few weeks, I know I really need to find ways to place some healthy boundaries in my life, that include leisure hobbies, more time with family, and hanging out more with my friends. 

The main thing that took up my month was planning for the Ken Burns event we held at the Museum.  Here is a picture of our staff with Ken and his team. 

Leah and I also headed to Nashville last week for a special Ken Burns show at the Ryman Auditorium.   We had a blast, and it was great to see so many great people. 

For April, life is just as crazy with a lot of project deadlines and a big event.  I love when things are moving quickly, but I just need to find a good rhythm to not be all or nothing.  I am hoping to hop back on here more often this month, and share updates and items I am loving too.  

Until then, have a great month and enjoy this amazing spring. 

Friday 5 and March Goals

Happy March Friends!!  I am ready for a new month, new possibilities, and new adventures.  I am feeling much, much better and ready to get this month started.  After a sick February, I ready to dive into life again.  This weekend, my plans are fairly low key.  House cleaning, laundry, errands, and relaxing.  Love weekends like this.

I thought it would be fun to kick off the month with a 5 on Friday, and share some things I am loving right now. 

1. Vacation Planning 
I have vacation on my brain lately.  I am ready for some beach time with my hubby and maybe even going with a few other family members too. Anyone else thinking of sand, surf, and ocean yet?  I really hope we can head to the beach in June/July, and then even plan another larger vacation this fall or in December for my BIG birthday.   (Fingers crossed.)

2. New Recipe - Fish Tacos
If you have been on here at all this year, you may know that one of my goals is to learn to cook 24 new recipes in 2019.  I am off to a good start, and have already learned to cook four new recipes.  Which include Potato Soup, Oven Baked Chicken Breast, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Fish Tacos.

I have loved all of them, but the fish tacos are by far my favorite.  Check out the recipe here.

3.  New Music 
I am loving the new album out by Bethel Music. The new album is inspired by the story of King Jehoshaphat and the unlikely victory won by sending worshipers to the front lines of battle in 2 Chronicles 20:22 "As they began to sing and praise the Lord set an ambush against the men who were invading Judah and they were defeated."


4.Smoothies, Smoothies, and more Smoothies
I have been on a smoothie kick over the past few weeks, and have recently found a few new recipes too.  My one question is what is your favorite protein powder?  I have used Shakeology for years, but before I order another bag, I wanted to ask if there are any recommendations on other great protein powders out there that will give me the full nutritional benefits I get from Shakeology? 

5. March Goals
So, to say I have big plans for March is probably an understatement.   I took some time over the past few days to really think through my goals for the month, and thought I would go ahead and share them with you.

I have been doing a lot of thinking of just how much social media and a digital lifestyle really are brainwashing my mind.  I find myself impulse shopping online, or wanting to try a new workout routine or beauty product all because an influencer, whom I really like and admire, tells me about it.  And, I know the only way to stop being so consumed with it all is to just STOP!  But, its so hard, because companies like Facebook, Instagram, and all of our favorite retail shops have built their sites around making the content addicting. 

I decided this past weekend that one of the books I am going to tackle in March is a new book called Digital Minimalism.  I am really looking forward to learning about this concept and finding ways to really break the social media addiction.  Because to be honest, I miss taking time to think, to read, and to just chill without all the noise.

Learn to Cook 2 New Dinners

Plan a Date Day with Matt
Get away for the day, just the two of us. 

Plan Summer Vacation 
I can't wait to start thinking about the sun, fun, and beach.  

Celebrate my Mother-in-Law's Birthday 

Make a plan for Spring Cleaning our Home 
I am leaning towards following Simplified's Ruthless De-clutter Challenge (but will decide soon) on how I want to tackle our spring cleaning and a timeline for the cleaning. 

Work:  Host a special event with filmmaker Ken Burns

Work: Finalize Draft for FY 2019-20 Marketing Plan and Budget   

Work: Close out a grant and submit.

Write the Word Wednesdays 
I love using my Write the Word journal, and always enjoy setting aside a day of the week where I get to write the Word of God and pray. 

Parents Dinner 
Since I haven't been feeling well all year, I have gotten out of the habit of seeing my parents on a regular basis.  So, I really want to get back into the routine of our weekly Parents Date. 

Budget Check In
Matt and I have been using the App from Minted to manage our budget, and need to start doing a weekly review to ensure we stay within our budget.

Bible Reading 
I am reading through the Old Testament this year, and I really like the pace of this plan

Write out AM Routine Each Night
To help bring more discipline in my life, I have decided that before I go to bed each night, I am going to plan out my AM Routine (Bible Study, Workout, Stretching/Yoga, etc.) and write it down.  So all I have to do is wake up and follow the plan.

Write out meal plan each night for next day 
I am also going to write out the next day's meal plan (tweak from my overall meal plan that I make on Saturday). This helps me focus and stay on task.

Meditation is something that I have wanted to get into for awhile, and finally decided to jump in.  I am using the Headspace App and really enjoying it.  I am starting out with 10 minute meditations.  

Finally, my quote for March

Happy March Friends!

February, You Ain't Cute

Whew!  This month has been rough, and February has not been kind to me.  I have been dealing with sickness for over three weeks, and since I am not one who enjoys slowing down, its been a tough few weeks.  

To be honest, I haven't felt great in about six weeks, and knew I was fighting "something," but didn't know what.  Then last weekend everything came to a head with a diagnosis of bronchitis and an unrelenting cough that just wouldn't give me relief. 

There is something about not feeling well that always leads me to thinking of ways I can take better care of myself and treat my body better.  Does anyone else think this way when your not feeling well?

So after a few days of couch sleeping and coughing non-stop, I decided it was time to get moving on getting my health back.  Below are 4 easy steps I am taking to beat this sickness and come back stronger than before:

1 Take a Time Out 
As I mentioned above, I have been sick for nearly three (3) weeks and my body just kept feeling worse and worse.  Finally, last Friday I came home from work, changed clothes, and pilled up on the couch to rest.  And, that is when I knew I couldn't do it any longer.  I needed to stop pretending I was feeling okay, and actually take care of myself.  I got up Saturday and went to Urgent Care, got some meds, and headed home to rest.I decided it was also best that I take a few days off work, to allow my body to heal, as well as get some much needed rest.   Its been so helpful and I am so thankful I took the time to slow down, decrease the stress, and focus on getting better.

2. Time with Jesus
On Monday, I opened my bible, which I hadn't done in several days.  I got caught up with my Old Testament reading plan (I am reading through the Old Testament in 2019), wrote in my Write the Word Journal, and spent some much needed time in prayer.  Next, I worked on my Powersheets for March, and planned out my goals for the month ahead. 
Finally, I filled our home with Worship Music.  Getting my mind and soul back centered on the Lord and not on me has been the best gift from being sick.  Its so easy to get caught up in the "day-to-day" running around that I forget to stop and truly focus on what truly matters, which is my relationship with Christ.  After that, everything always falls back into place. 

3. Clean It Up 
Next, I knew that I needed to be really particular with the foods I was eating and look at what I was drinking too.  I cleaned up my daily nutrition, and have been drinking water non-stop.  I added more fruits and veggies into my diet,  even added a protein smoothie to my daily routine to add some much needed nutrients.  This step is making me feel stronger, and my body is so thankful. 

4. Positive Vibes
With the three prior steps, its forced me to take time and look for the positive.  The positives I quickly realized were the extra quiet time I got to spend with the Lord each day, to take time and recognize the precious family and friends I have around me. I am also very thankful to have the opportunity to STOP when I am sick and take care of myself.

I cannot tell you how much this week has meant to me.  Do I still feel sick?  Yes.  Am I still coughing like crazy? Oh yes.  Am I sleeping well at night?  Not really.  But, my mind, attitude, and outlook have been refreshed, renewed, and I know its exactly what I needed heading into this next month. 
Happy Wednesday my friends.  

This Week

Happy February Friends!!  Whew, all I have say is thank goodness January is OVER.  It was a tough month with lots of challenges, worries, and battling a lot of sickness.  I am ready for a new start and new month!!  To kick off February, I thought it would be fun to jump back into the 5 on Friday series, and share the amazing things I am loving these days.  So here goes:

1.T3 SinglePass Curling Iron
For Christmas I got a new curling iron, which I know may sound funny but its something I had my eye on for a few months.  I have always curled my hair with hot rollers, and would like to transition to this curling iron full time.  Its taking me a little time to figure out the best technique, but I am getting it slowly. Overall this Curling Iron is amazing, and I am hoping to fully transition to it this month!!  Here is a link to the curling iron to learn more.

2. Book #1 of 2019 - I just finished Michelle Obama's new book, and I loved it!!  Regardless of what your political views are this is truly a story of inspiration. Learn how Michelle Obama grew from the Southside of Chicago into a powerhouse woman and First Lady. She is an unbelievable story teller, and overall it was a great book.  Highly recommend. 

3. MBA - I have thought about pursuing my MBA for years, but finally believe the time is right for me to begin the process of applying for my master's degree.  I have my eye on one school in particular, and hope that in the next 12 months I can obtain some scholarships, finalize my application, and start this journey.  

4. Recipe #1 of 2019 - This year I had a goal to learn to cook 24 new recipes.  I tried a few recipes this months that were complete failures, but one recipe turned out amazing.  It's my mother-in-law's Potato Soup Recipe.  Its sooo easy, and have included the recipe below.

- 6 peeled potatoes
- 1⁄2 cup butter
- 1⁄4 cup flour
- 3 cups milk
- salt
- pepper

- Start by boiling potatoes until fork tender.
- When potatoes are done, strain out the water and add butter.
- When butter is melted, add flour. Stir gently to make a paste between butter and flour. The paste will coat the potatoes.
- Add Milk.
- Gently stir. Allow the pot to boil. When it reaches boil, turn down to simmer.
- Simmer on low till soup thickens.
- Salt and Pepper to taste.

5. Winter Playlist - I am kicking off the new year with some new pop and Americana music that I have really been enjoying this year.  Hope you enjoy! 

Have a great weekend friends!!!

This Week

I cannot believe its the first weekend in 2019.  I am still enjoying some much needed time off from work, and especially since I can spend time with my hubby, as he is off work too.  I thought it would be fun to share a few things that have happened this week:

1. Taking 16 Days OFF Work
I cannot tell you the last time I took over two weeks off work.  I was a little unsure about my decision for awhile, but after taking the mini sabbatical,  I realize its been sooo nice, and needed.  I have checked into work a few times (maybe 2 to 3 times), but always less than 10 minutes each time.  Its been nice to distance myself from work projects and stresses, as its really helped me get perspective on several things.  Its also been nice to be off with Matt for a few days, as we have had a great time relaxing, running errands, and just being together.  Its been a great way to start the new year. 

2.  Enneagram Results

Over the Christmas Holiday, I read a book called A Road Back to You, and it discusses the Enneagram Personality Test.  The Enneagram is a model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. It has Christian roots, and supported by many Christian leaders.  I have read about this personality test for YEARS, but finally gave in and read the book.

Well its no surprise here, but my personality type was a ONE - a Perfectionist/Reformer.  LOL!!

Here is a short description:  Ones are conscientious and ethical, with a strong sense of right and wrong. They are teachers, crusaders, and advocates for change: always striving to improve things, but afraid of making a mistake. Well-organized, orderly, and fastidious, they try to maintain high standards, but can slip into being critical and perfectionistic. They typically have problems with resentment and impatience. At their Best: wise, discerning, realistic, and noble. Can be morally heroic.

    Basic Fear: Of being corrupt/evil, defective
    Basic Desire: To be good, to have integrity, to be balanced

Key Motivations: Want to be right, to strive higher and improve everything, to be consistent with their ideals, to justify themselves, to be beyond criticism so as not to be condemned by anyone.

Yup, this describes me exactly. If you haven't taken the test to find out what you are, here are one of the tests I took.  (Yes, I took several, as I wanted to make sure I was a One.  LOL!!!)
Short Version:
Long Version:
3. A Clean and ORGANIZED House 
Over the past week and half, I have taken time to organize every closest, drawer, and room in our house.  Yesterday, I took time to clean everything, and its so nice to have a clean and organized space for the new year!  I tackled this task, by working on a room or two rooms per day.  Some days it took me an hour, other days it took three or four hours, but slow and steady I got it done! But, its been sooo worth it!

4. Spending time with friends!
Over the holiday break, I was able to connect with several of my closest friends, and that was an incredible gift.  This past week, my best friend Tiffany was passing through town, and we had a chance to grab lunch and catch up, which was sooo nice.  

5. Binge watching my favorite show (AGAIN)
To relax this week, I've also found time to re-watch one of my favorite shows again, When Calls the Heart.  I really love this show, and its been great to start from the beginning and re-watch the show again.  Also, it helps me unwind and not focus on anything except the show.

There you have it!   Its been an awesome break from "reality" the last few days.  Tomorrow its back to my "normal" routine, which I am looking forward to (if I have to be honest).  

Have a great week my friends! 

Happy New Year - 2019 Goals and Word of the Year

Happy New Year Sweet Friends!!  I hope you had a great New Year's Eve, even if it was just relaxing at home or celebrating with family and friends.  Matt and I headed to dinner with Jamie, Kristy, and Little Bit, and then came home for a relaxing night.  Matt works ONE MORE DAY, and then he is FINALLY off a few days to recover from this hectic holiday season. I took the rest of the week off work too, so I am really looking forward to spending some time together this week, even if its doing nothing.  

New Year's Eve Dinner with the fam

Over the past few weeks (since the first of December), I have been thinking, praying, and working on goals and vision for 2019.  These are not simple "resolutions," but action items that will really help me plan for a productive year ahead.  

I use a system called PowerSheets by Cultivate What Matters to help guide me through the goal planning process.  There are about 67 pages of prep work, but its sooo worth it.  I simply slow down, take my time, and everything comes together nicely.

So without further adieu, below are my 2019 Goals and a little detail about each one of them. 

Goal #1 - Draw Near to God 
James 4:8 is one of my favorite verses in the bible - "Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you."  I love the simplicity of this verse, because it simple states that if we desire to be closer with the Lord, we can take a simple first step and draw closer to Him and He will return our action and draw closer to us.  

In 2019, I really want to continue to draw closer to the Lord.  To depend on the Holy Spirit more, and to share the salvation of Christ with others.  I know this will lead to more peace, rest, love, and joy into my life, and who doesn't want more of that.  

Mini Goals 
 - Read through the Old Testament in a Year.  In 2018, I read through the entire bible, but this year I am yearning to SLOW DOWN a little, and focus on the Old Testament.  In 2020, I will focus on the New Testament.  I will be following this plan this year.

-Prayer Journal - Last year, I came across a small business that I just fell in love with and wanted to try some of their products.  The company is called Val Marie Paper, and they specialize in prayer journals.  Since it was mid-year, the annual prayer journals were sold out; however, I got the six month prayer journal and LOVED it!!  So this past August, when the 2019 Prayer Journals went on sale, I jumped at the change to get an annual one.  I spent a few hours on Sunday prepping my journal, and cannot to jump in and see what all God has in store for our family this year. 

- Write the Word Challenge - I've decided to commit to the first 31 days of 2019 to actually writing the Word and praying it.  I use a  journal called "Write the Word" and I love it.  I have finished one book and on my second one.   To follow along with the challenge, click here. 

- Begin attending church, join a church, and get involved with a church.  This is something God has really been putting on my heart the last few months.  I have always been involved in church and/or a small group my entire life, but since moving back home four years ago, Matt and I haven't found a place to call "home."  However, to be honest, my walk with the Lord still remains strong, but I yearn for the Christian connections and friendships.  I miss serving others in the church and community, and I am expecting the Lord to lead us to our "home church" this year.  I am also praying that the Holy Spirit helps me break the habit of sleeping in on Sundays and gets me back in the habit of wanting to be in church instead.  

-Take part in an in-depth study of a book in the bible.  This past year, was the first year I didn't study a book in the bible and I really missed it.  I am really hoping new studies come out, as I am eager to jump in.  I also think it would be awesome to do this with a group of women (I miss my small bible study groups from Knoxville.) 

-Spend time each week enjoying a longer quiet time.  I have a quiet devotion time each day, but I always like to spend at least one day reading the word, praying longer, worshiping, etc.  This time is so precious to me, and I want to make it a habit each week. 

-Worship Playlist - I usually create a worship playlist each season (about four a year), and I plan to do it again this year. 

Goal #2 - Build a Solid Financial Foundation 
This is another VERY important goal for Matt and I, as we really believe if we can live within our means now, it will free us up to live and give generously later.  I really want to take time to learn about a zero based budget, and even have a few books on finances and money that I want to read this spring too.  

Mini Goals
- Use an app like Mint or Every Dollar to establish and follow a budget. 

- Save money for an emergency fund. 

- Save for vacation (or two)

- Review our retirement plans, and make adjustments and changes. 

Goal #3 -  Develop a consistent morning routine
By the end of 2018, my morning routine was awful.  I simply got out of bed (at the last minute), got ready, and headed to work.  I didn't do anything for myself.  I believe that starting the day off strong sets us up for a successful day ahead.  

Mini Goals 
- Establish a morning workout plan 

- Journal 4-5 times per day 

- Quiet time with the Lord each day (bible reading, Write the Word, etc.)

- Read 1 Chapter in a book every morning 

- Set my alarm for 5:00 a.m. each morning, and go to bed between 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. each night. 

Goal #4 - Learn to cook 24 New Dinner Recipes 
I have a list of about 6-8 "go to dinner recipes, but I find that I am fixing the SAME thing over and over each week.  So, my goal in 2019 is begin researching and cooking new dinners each month.  My goal is to cook 2-3 new dinners each month that can become my "go-to" meals in the future. 

Mini Goals
- Learn to cook 2-3 new dinner recipes each month

- At the beginning of each season, pin 10-20 dinner ideas to Pinterest to try. 

- Strive for half of the meals to be REALLY healthy and clean food. 

Goal #5 - Flourish in our marriage
I absolutely LOVE our marriage, but I always strive for our marriage to get better and better each year. I want Matt and I to grow closer to one another, making our relationship the best its ever been. 

Mini Goals
- Schedule monthly date nights

- Plan a weekend getaway

- Go on a relaxing vacation 

- Find unique ways to show Matt how much I truly love him

Goal #6 - Establish Fruitful Friendships 
I have some amazing friends in my life, but often times weeks and months go by and I realize I haven't connected with some of my closest friends in ages.  I really desire to develop friendships that are more consistent and include "doing life together" not just catching up every now and then.  

Mini Goals
- Send a card each month a friend

- Reach out to a good friend each week via phone and catch up

- Get together with my childhood friends for a group dinner a couple times per year. 

- Host friends over to my home throughout the year for fun dinner get togethers, not just holidays. 

- Celebrate milestones, birthdays, and anniversaries with cards, calls, texts, dinners, etc.  

Goal #7 - Love My Family BIG 
I have the best family.  I am so lucky.  But, sometimes I know I don't spend as much time with them.  My family is so important to me, and I want to use my health, time, and resources to help them and love them.  

Mini Goals 
- Weekly Parents Dinners 

- Bi-Weekly Lunches at In-Laws house 

- Connect with extended family (aunts, cousins, etc.) on a regular basis 

- Celebrate milestones, birthdays, and anniversaries with cards, calls, texts, dinners, etc.

Goal #8 - Get involved in the community
Since moving home, I have focused all my energy on spending time with friends and family, because it was something I didn't get to do a lot when I lived two hours away.  However, I began noticing last year, that I really missed being involved in the local community.  This year, I really hope that I can begin volunteering for one or two organizations, and begin connecting with people in the community. 

Goal #9 - Cultivate color and adventure into my life
If you know me AT ALL, you know that my go to colors are black, gray, and maybe white.  I like simply and clean lines, and haven't taken time to add much color in my life.  However, I truly believe that color in a painting or art is like enthusiasm for life.  I want to add a little excitement to my life, and I believe adding a little color and adventure to my life will bring a smile to my face, and make life a little richer. 

Mini Goals 
- Add flowers to our front porch in the spring and summer

- Add color into my wardrobe 

- Complete the items off my 39 Things Bucket List 

- Read 12 Books in 2019 

- Celebrate my 40th Birthday in a Special Way

There you have it friends, my goals for 2019.   The way I accomplish these goals is to break them down into smaller tasks and begin working away at them one day at a time.  

Here is a picture of my January Goals 

And, finally, I wanted to share my Word of the Year with you.  During my prep for my 2019 Goals, I discovered a word for the year.  This word helps with vision and action in the year ahead.  In 2017 my word was Joy, and in 2018 it was Discipline.  This year my word is:

If you have made it to the very end, THANK YOU!!!  

Here is to an incredible 2019!!  

2018 Recap

Overall, this past year was a good year.  It had some low points (two surgeries in two months), but it also had some high points too. I thought it would be fun to look through some fun pictures from the past years and see some fun highlights.

We kicked off the New Year in Nashville watching the Predators play and then followed by a New Year's Eve concert by our favorite Jimmy Buffett. 

January was non-stop and work projects that filled my calendar.
By the time Valentine's Day rolled around,
I was so excited that my hubby sent me these beautiful flowers.

We also celebrated Jamie's Birthday with a quiet dinner at home and cake. 

My sweet friend Tammy came to visit, and it was so good to see her and catch up. 

I also celebrated my amazing friend Carol's Retirement from Virginia Tourism.
This woman and I have laughed so much over the past few years,
and I truly miss working with her.

In early April, things started going down hill as we lost our sweet Scooter Man Davis to a cancerous tumor.  It was so hard to say goodbye, and our house has never been the same.

April also brought 4 different trips to the hospital (2 ER visits and 2 surgeries).
After several weeks, and post surgery, I started feeling a little better.
But, some of the issues that came up during the surgeries lasted until October.

Matt also signed up for another season of softball.  
This was the ONLY game I made it to in the Spring (maybe even fall.) 

I was lucky enough to find time to spend with these two awesome friends too. 

On April 24, we lost ButterMan Davis.  He was our last Davis Boy, and it was sooo hard to say goodbye. He died 6 months to the day of us loosing Lil Man Davis. That meant that lost all 3 three of our cats in 6 months.  They were 17 years old, and they lived great lives, but man was it hard.
Our house was sooo quiet and sad place this summer.

In June, we headed to the beach with Little Bit Davis. 

Our vacation crossed over with mom and dad's vacation, as well as the Montgomery's vacation, 
so we all met up for dinner. 

This child made the trip.  We had so much fun with her. 

When we returned home from vacation, we hosted Matt's 40th Birthday Party. 
We had a great time celebrating, and of course we themed it Margaritaville. 

In August, we added these two precious kittens to our family. 
Lily Cane and Isabel Cane Davis (named after hurricanes)

In September, I headed to the UK to be part of the Long Road music festival. 

Before the Festival we got to visit Kensington Palace  
(I took this photo from the gardens on my phone. How beautiful.)

We also were able to visit Buckingham Palace

And, I was able to cross off this Bucket List item and visit Highclere Castle where
Downton Abbey is filmed.

I made it back in time to celebrate and work another Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion.

And, even found time to catch a little music with my dad during the Festival too.

In October, life slowed down a little and Dustin and I headed to an ETSU Football Game. 

And, Lily Davis was settling in just fine with Matt.  LOL!

Matt and I also headed to a corn maze with our friends - The Montgomery's. 

And, November brought Christmas Tree cutting and Thanksgiving.

December brought my Birthday, and Matt and I really enjoyed just spending the day together.

The next night, my good friend Nikki and I saw Elf at the Barter Theatre. 

We got an unexpected snow in early December too, which was gorgeous.

And, the kittens grew and grew!

I also got to spend lots of time with this awesome girl a lot this year. 

Nikki, Ryana, and I spent time with Ryana before she left for Cambodia.
We hosted the Malone Family Christmas Dinner at our house the weekend before Christmas. 

Then my childhood best friend, Summer and I headed to see Mary Poppins in theaters.

I also had time to catch up with my college best friend Melanie, before she went back to Switzerland.

And, through it all, Matt and I enjoyed another year together 
and looking forward to all the future holds.

Now that brings us here to the year end!

As I’ve started work on setting 2019 goals in my PowerSheets, but before I get too ahead of myself, I wanted to do a quick reflection on progress of my 2018 goals.

2018 Goals Reflection + PROGRESS 

Goal #1 - Be Intentional in Growing Closer tot he Lord
I saw some good growth with this goal.  I successfully read through the bible in a year, following the Chronological Reading Plan.  I also was able to have longer quiet times every other week or so. 

Goal #2 - Be Disciplined with Daily Nutrition
This goal saw a little improvement.  During the Fall, I began eating around 1500 calories per day and lost 35lbs in 3 months.  I hope to continue this trend in 2019, as I have a lot more weight I would like to loose.

Goal #3 - Be Disciplined with Fitness

I actually started off the year strong on this habit, but after getting sick in April and May, I completely stopped working out.  Hoping to ease back into it next month.

Goal #4 - Be Disciplined with Healthy Habits
This goal included making sleep a habit (getting around 8 hours every night), as well as being more proactive in setting doctor's appointments, taking better care of my skin, and keeping a clean and organized home.  I was excited to say that all these things happened.

Goal #5 - Love Matt Well

I am so blessed to be married to Matt, and I just love our marriage.  This year, we celebrated his 40th Birthday and went on a few dates; however, in 2019 I would like to find more ways to "date" my husband and show him how much I love him.

Goal #6 - Encourage and Love Family and Friends Well
This goal included sending Birthday and Anniversary cards, celebrating milestones, and spending time with my family and friends.  I would say I did okay on this, but really want to do better in 2019.

Goal #7 - Be Disciplined with our Finances
A mountain of health related bills did not help this area in our lives this year, but its a major goal of ours in 2019.

Goal #8 - Introduce Fun and Adventure into my Life
Okay of all the goals, this is the one I bombed.  I mean totally did not move forward at all.  I had all these dreams of hiking, biking, golfing, playing tennis, and so much more.  But, I let life get in the way and didn't make this a priority at all.

Goal #9 - Cultivate Hobbies and Fun into my Life
This goal was full of taking time to read, blog, and so much more.  I would say I ended the year stronger than I started.

Goal #10 - Be disciplined in growing in my career, becoming a servant leader.
I took opportunities this year to really get back in the weeds and get my hands dirty (so to speak) to relearn a lot of digital and social media marketing skills.  I still have a lot of growth I want to do, but this was definitely a year of relearning, and that felt so good. 

Later this week week I’ll be sharing my 2019 goals as well as my word of the year! In the mean time, here are some great resources to do your own reflection and goal setting work:

Lara Casey's Goal Setting Online Workshop - Click HERE. 

Cultivate What Matter's PowerSheets - Click HERE

This goal setting series has been so helpful to me over the past few years, and if you are looking to plan ahead and set 2019 Goals and give yourself vision for the year ahead, I recommend this Goal Setting Series. 

Happy New Year's Eve Friends!

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