Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Unofficial Start to Summer.............

Hello.....Long Weekend! I am excited the unofficial start to summer is here on this Memorial Day Weekend!  I simply love summer time.  In our house it usually means a little more travel, a lot more time with friends and family, and enjoying the sun being up until 9pm!

When I hopped on here this morning, I realized that I have not blogged since March.....eek!  I am not sure why this season in my life did not lead to me blogging more, but every time I would hop on to blog, my mind would just go blank.  However, I have some ideas on future blog topics, so hopefully this summer I can get back into the swing of blogging again.

Okay, back to Memorial Day fun!  We kicked off the weekend by heading to Nashville for the Jimmy Buffett Concert at the Ascend Amphitheater. We had an awesome time, and I loved seeing Jimmy at this new venue.  Definitely my new favorite venue to date for seeing Buffett.

We headed to Nashville on Thursday Morning for an afternoon of shopping at Opry Mills and then relaxing in our hotel room at Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

 We had some fun with SnapChat this weekend. 

Entertaining myself on the drive with some Red Nose Day Fun!
View from our room! 

 Photo: Via Kristy Davis 

 View from our relaxing

 Next we headed downtown to eat at Puckett's.  The food was awesome, 
and the perfect pre-Concert meal.  
Photo Credit: Via Puckett's FB

 Trying to stay rained for about 30 minutes before the concert. 
But, then it stopped and the weather was PERFECT! 

Found our seats and waiting out the rain. 

Pre Concert Selfie! 
So thankful my hubby introduced me to Buffett over 10 years ago!

 Jimmy......... Loved our seats! 

 Buffett with my Sweetie. 
And yes, I have been wearing this shirt for over 10 years to Buffett Concerts. 

On Friday Morning, we got up and headed back to Opry Mills so I could meet up and catch up with a good friend, and then we headed off to Franklin to shop downtown.  
It was a perfect day, and loved wandering in and out of these fun shops. 
Photo Credit: Downtown Franklin FB

We ended our time at Gary's for a late lunch.  
After eating, we headed back east for a 5 hour drive home. 
Photo Credit: Gary's FB

We had a great time kicking off the holiday weekend, and I am excited for all the summer holds. 

Happy Summer!

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Last 6 Weeks!

Hey Friends!!

Well its obvious that blogging has not been a priority in the past few months, and you know what, that's okay.  I have sat down a few times to write, and my mind has gone blank and I've been unsure on what to share.  However, today has been one of the first quiet days I've had in a really long time.  I have no plans, no where I need to be, and you know what - I am really good with that.

The past 6 weeks have been awesome, and to help me capture all that has been going on, here are a few pictures. 

 So 6 Weeks, we were dealing with our first big snow!!
This is a view from our backyard. 

 And, my car would not get into the driveway! 
Matt was able to get it in later that week!  LOL! 

 Front Yard & Neighborhood! Live'n in the country is tough sometimes.

My face after 2 hours of shoveling snow while Matt was at work.  GEEZ! 

 I kicked off this bible study and its AMAZING!!  

 Taking on this workout this year, and its been life changing.  
Love the results.  Down 30lbs. 

 I've been reading a lot this year, and finished this awesome book last month. 
So insightful and helpful. 

 We kicked off a groundhog day promotion at the museum, and I loved these little guys. 

 Do a little TV to promote the groundhogs  and the special promotion.

I also got the opportunity to speak at the Lowes Women Leadership Conference and had an incredible time. 
Love working with this amazing group of women. 

Leah and I headed to Nashville for a few meetings, and we had a little cheat meal at Hattie B's! 
I finished the Simplicity Challenge, and if you follow me on Instagram you kept up with these daily posts.  It was a lot of fun and great tips. 

 Lead Bristol is going great!  Here is our class at WCYB TV!

The group also visited the museum, and it was an honor to have them in the museum. 

Winter months are good snuggle nights with the boys.  
Yes, they are laying on top of me.  LOL!

 Its awards season - and that means time for the Advertising Awards. 
First up - NE TN Addys!  I was honored to go with two of my favs - Rob and Rhonda! 

 Our table! 

Took home 3 awards!!

Next week, we headed to the SW VA Addys!  
The theme - Pretty in Pink!

Another Saturday Night with these 2!!

And, we took home 2 more awards!

Finally, in my spare time I binged watched the new Fuller House. 
I really liked it, and so glad there is a Season 2. 
(And, yes its Cheesy.  But so was the original!)

And, this past week I created my own emoji! 
Ha!!  Its the simply things. 

Have a great weekend! 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lets Get Healthy - Meal Planning and Prep

For the last 10 weeks I have been meal planning, and to say its one of the biggest reasons I've been successful in my weight loss journey is an understatement.  Every Friday night or Saturday morning, I sit down and plan out the next 7 days worth of meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and 2 snacks.  I make my grocery list, head to the store to pick up all the yummy foods for the week ahead, and then head home to prepare our food for the next day and off we go.

This has been working great, until the holidays hit.  I got to the point, that I felt every night I was spending 2-3 hours in the kitchen making dinner, cleaning up from dinner, and then preparing lunches for the next day.  By the time we had dinner and I prepped for the next day, it was time to go to bed.  LOL!

So this past weekend, I decided to do something different.  I decided to meal prep ALL my food for Monday - Friday.  This meant spending 2 hours in the kitchen cooking ALL my food at once, and can I say that my life has been changed.   I felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders when I got up on Monday morning and everything was done! 

Pic of all my meals for the week! 

Now all I have to do is get up in the morning, and all my food is ready to go.  It makes staying on this clean eating lifestyle plan sooooo much easier. 

So what is my advice at Meal Planning.  Here are 4 easy steps:

1) Get good containers.  
I am still in the process of getting 2 and 3 divider containers, but I do love my MealPrep containers. These cost a little more than Ziploc containers, but are sooo worth it.  Amazon has a great selection, and Santa put these fun containers in my stocking this Christmas. 

2) Make a good menu and keep it simple. 
Don't try to go too crazy and be too fancy.  Just keep it simple and maybe repeat breakfast and lunch on Mondays/Wednesdays AND on Tuesdays/Thursdays to keep the menu simple. Also, check out sites like Pinterest or event Instagram (searching hashtag #mealprep) to find ideas on what to fix.

3)  Buy only whats on your list.
When you go to the grocery store, only buy the food on your list.  Stay away from junk food that you know will trip you up.  And, if your like me, whose husband likes to have a snack or two around the house, just buy cookies and chips that you do not like.  That way you will not be tempted to eat it. 

4) Make a list
Make a list of ALL the fun things you can do now that you are not in the kitchen every night worried about planning and fixing your meals for the next day.  Once dinner is over, you can go and relax, because tomorrow is already planned. 


And, here was my food on Monday.  I am participating in a 21 Day Healthy Eating Challenge so I took a pic of all the food I ate that day.  All this delicious, super healthy food is less than 1,500 calories and had me full all day.

How about you?  Do you meal plan or meal prep?

Would love to know your tips.  Or, if you have any questions about how to get started eating clean and healthy, let me know.

Be Blessed My Friends! 

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My 36th Year.............

Wow, I simply cannot believe that I am on the other side of 35.  In four (4) years, I will be 40 and WOW, timing is flying by.  Each year, around my birthday I contemplate my goals for the next year, and below are 36 manifestos that would sum up my thoughts about living the best life at 36! This is the advice I would give my younger self.  :-) And, please note that I meant to post this last month, and just realized it was still in the drafts folder.  LOL!

1. First things first - Word In, Workout, Work Plan
To be successful at anything, I must start each day in The Word of God and praying and talking to the Lord.  Next, its essential that I workout 6-7 Days a Week.  Finally, I must plan out my meals in advance, and follow the plan.  It doesn't mean that I will never go off the plan (bc I am sure some days I will), but if I have a goal in mind, and a path of how to get there, then all I have to do is work the plan to succeed.

2. Do what I love, and love what I do.
I am so blessed to have a job that I simply love.  I am passionate always doing my best, and love being part of something in my hometown that helps promote tourism and growth.

3. Its the EVERYDAY, not just the every now and then.
Tackle all goals one day at a time.

4. What the heart knows, the heart knows.
Always trust my  gut and intuition. 
5. Quit Caffeine
I actually quit all caffeine a little over two months ago, and plan to continue.

6. Clean Space = Clean Head Space
I truly believe this motto, and its why I spend more time than most people organizing and keeping things in order.

7. Define what success is, and go after it.

8. Step on the snake before breakfast.
Each day, tackle the one thing that I am dreading the most first thing in the morning.  It could be a work task, or even  a workout, just do it.  My day will only get better from there.

9. Travel Often
Travel more with my hubby, friends, and family.

10. Remember only true PEACE can come from the Lord. 
Be still and wait and trust on the Lord, and He will lead me on an incredible journey. 

11. Everything I want and need is up to me (and the Lord) to make it happen.
Don't be lazy in pursuing my dreams. 

12. Always be perfectly clear and not beat around the bush.
My natural tenancies is to be an encourager and to make people feel good; however, its my goal to be more upfront with people and really communicate my concerns and opinions (in a kind and loving manner.)

13. Always remember, if its meant to be, it will happen. 

14. My Focus Determines My Faith 

15. Believe in Hard Stops for Prayer

16. Identify sources of stress and work a solution.

17. Get enough sleep.

18. Play Together, Stay Together
Begin planning our 10 Year Anniversary.

19. Integrity above all else.

20. Excellence in everything I do. 

21. Pray, laugh, play more.

22. Daily Stillness Appointments

23. Maintain a strong social circle outside of work, as life cannot always revolve around work.

24. Make a commitment to leave work on time or at least a little earlier than normal.

25. I am complete in Christ.

26. Get to work a little early to get a head start on the day.

27. Always have a hobby.

28. Be a good steward of what the Lord has given me.

29. Always choose encouragement over being critical.

30. True Love is a BIG Deal......Treasure It! 
And, I am thankful that I got to experience true love with my soul mate at the age of 16, and we are still in love 19 years later. 

31. Gratitude
Always remain thankful.

32. Study God's Word.
Know it, etch it on my heart and mind.

33. Know, believe, and claim  the promises of God over my life.

34. Family First

35. Give more than I receive.

36. Live a life of adventure, faith, and excellence.

Here is to an incredible 36th Year!! 
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