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This Week.............5 Highlights from the Week

This past week was sooooo nice.  It was the first time in months that I was in town the entire week.  WOOHOO!!!  I felt like I got a lot of accomplished, including all the small tasks at home and at work.  I do enjoy traveling; however, sometimes its nice to spend a nice quiet week at home.

Here are a few fun pics from last week................

1.The Magnolia Story 
I picked up this book on Tuesday and absolutely love it.  As I read it, I feel like I am having coffee with two friends as they talk about their journey through life.  If you are looking for a fun read, definitely pick this book up.  

2. Work Fun
My work week was filled with A LOT of meetings this week.  In fact, on Wednesday I spent the afternoon in Abingdon, VA; on Thursday I spent a lot of time in Johnson City, TN; and on Friday I spent most of the day in Kingsport.  (And...........I work in Bristol.) But, it was A LOT of fun!!  One of the highlights was attending the branding launch for SW VA!  Love seeing all the exciting things happening in our region.

3.  Johnnyswim
Its confirmed.  I am OBSESSED with Johnnyswim.  I love the sound, lyrics, and everything about this duo.  I listen to the Johnnyswim channel on Pandora 24/7.  

4.  Chill Night
On Friday night, after a long week and a great time having dinner with mom and dad, Matt and I found ourselves chilled out on the couch watching the Hamilton special on PBS.  If you haven't watched it, you should.  Its an amazing show on how Hamilton made its way to Broadway. I was really into the show; however, when I looked over at the couch I saw my four (4) boys just sleeping away. Soooo sweet.  (PS - The Davis Boys are obsessed with this blanket.  Whoever gets it out has about 2 minutes before you will have 3 kitties on your lap ready for a nap s. LOL!!)  

5.   Junior League Date
This fall, I decided to join Junior League and on Saturday night we had our first fundraising event of the season.  It was a casual, fun event at a local brewery.  The night was filled with lots of good music and laughter.  Luckily, my good friend Nikki went with me as my date and we had a great time catching up and hanging out.  It was a great way to end the week.   

Have a great Sunday friends! 

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