Striving to Live a Life of Adventure, Excellence, and Faith.

Welcome Back Week - What's In a Name?

With the new blog design launching this week, I thought it would fun to reintroduce and explain how this blog came to be and how it got its name.

This space began over 8 years ago, after I had been married for about a year and I was looking for a way to stay connected with my family who lived two hours away and my friends who lived all over the country.  I actually started blogging in 2004 (anyone remember Xanga), and really used that site to pour out my heart and soul about my journey through my early and mid 20s.  However, that blog was only seen by my a few close friends and ended up deleting that account before I got married. 

In 2008, I jumped back into blogging, this time making it a fun little page where I could share my life with those closest to me.  However, what I found over the years was a connection to an online community where I could discuss everything from decorating, marriage, and life in general. 

Now, I am in my mid-thirties and feel like I am getting back into the swing of regular posts again.  Life has settled down a lot over the past 2-3 years, and I am happy to get back into this blog. 

The name Cardigan Chic came from the fact that I ALWAYS wear a cardigan.  However, the line under my title - "Living a life of Adventure, Excellence, & Faith" is my life's motto.

I push myself to take advantage of every opportunity and adventure that comes my way.  I also try to live a life of excellence in everything I do.  I strive to do my best, and even most days I fall short of "perfection," but I know I am doing the best I can do.  And, finally my faith is everything to me.  My relationship with Jesus Christ is the core of who I am and truly defines me as a person. 

Thanks to everyone who has been reading since Day 1 (mom & Matt) and to everyone else in between.  

Here is to another 8 years of sharing life with each of you!! 

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