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Weekend Must Dos.........

Its Monday, and its back to the craziness of the work week.    Saturdays and Sundays always fly by, and I really work hard to make sure I take time to rest and relax, but I also plan to do some house work and prep for the week ahead.  I find it helps our household run smoother throughout the week.

Here is a short checklist of things I try to accomplish each and EVERY weekend:

My Checklist for EVERY Weekend:

I don't spring clean or deep clean our home every weekend, but I have developed a cleaning process that helps me get our house picked up and cleaned in an 1 to 2 hours each weekend. 

This process includes: 
 - Picking up the clutter that we have accumulated over the week  and put it back in its place.
 - Vacuum, dust, clean and mop the entire house.
 - Clean out my car, dust and vacuum my car, and run it through the car wash.
 - Laundry and layout clothes for the coming week.

I spend about an hour meal planning every weekend.  I plan out what we are going to eat each day of the week, and make a grocery list.  Next I run to the grocery store and then come home a prep all of our fruit and vegetable snacks for the week.  Then on Sunday, I prep our lunch for Monday and layout food for Monday's dinner.  

This process includes: 
 - Make a meal plan for the week, and run to the store and pick up groceries.
 - Meal prep for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
 - Cook at least one BIG breakfast for Matt and I on the weekend. 

I really try to workout at least on day on Saturday or Sunday.  Some weekends I am able to work in two workouts.  Right now I am getting ready to kick off the 21 Day Fix Program again, and I can't wait for the great results from this program.

 - Review blog calendar, and prep upcoming blog posts.

- Review our team's Project Management Tool and get organized for the week ahead.

In the summer, I usually hit the pool at least one afternoon over the weekend.  I actually spend A LOT of time relaxing on the weekends.  The above tasks only take me a few hours, which means I have a lot of time to swim, hang out with family and friends, catch up on my DVR, read, and really relax. 

Last, but not least, I spend a little extra time in my daily bible study and prayer time.  I review my prayer list from the past week, and start a new list for the coming week.

Taking time to knock out these simple "To-Dos" on the weekend, really helps center me and bring balance to my life.  It also helps me find time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends too. 

What about you?  Is there anything you do to prepare and plan for the week ahead.

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