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I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE New Years Day!!  It represents a new beginning and starting over, and who doesn't love that!  For a little fun, I thought it would be great to set 16 goals for 2016.

So here goes:

1.  Establish a CONSISTENT routine of spending 30 minutes to an hour every morning in quiet time with the Lord.

2. Continue to eat clean and healthy.

3. Continue to workout 4-6 times per week.

4. Stop the perfection battle.
The Lord has really put this on my heart this week, and its something that I haven't had to deal with in a while.  Its no surprise to those who know me well, that I like things a certain way and that I strive for excellence in everything I do in life. Lately, though, I have really been beating myself up when I do not perform "perfectly."  I know the Lord wants us to strive for excellence, but we will never reach perfection.  His grace will always help us do what we cannot do.  However, I have bought into the lies that my worth is based on my performance and not on who God says I am.  I feel so blessed that the Lord has given me the wisdom to see right through these lies I feel, and that with time, He will continue to teach me my true value in Christ.  My plan - PRESS IN to the Word of God, and strive for excellence not perfection. 

5. Be a good steward.
I truly believe to have a fulfilling life we must be good stewards of the things The Lord has blessed us with.  I work hard to be a good steward of the physical blessings like our home, cars, items, etc.  Matt and I work hard to keep our home clean and tidy, and we also maintain our cars and items we have around the house.  However, one thing that I have felt the Lord as begun to encourage me to do is being a good steward of our finances.  I typical loath the word "coupons" and often do not take the time to try and save our family money; however, going into the new year this will be an area that Matt and I see a lot of growth and change. 

6. Attend at least one (1) women's ministry conference.

7. Join a Church
We have put off this decision long enough.  Last year I had 1,001 excuses on not looking for a church.  However, we have run out of those excuses.  Please pray for Matt and I during this journey, and that the Lord will lead us to a church were we can serve. 

8. Go to a VOLS away game (and, maybe a couple of home games too)!

9. Get into fiction reading again.
It seems like I am always reading business books or spiritual growth books, but this year I would like to read 3-4 fiction books too. 

10. Finish Phase #2 of decorating our home.
This includes getting all the furniture we need for the house, build out the workout room, place lighting on our new back deck, finish decorating our home office, painting the main living area of our home, and finish the landscaping outside. 

11. Volunteer and Serve
Find a local organization to volunteer

12. Take up tennis (again), and try golf again too. 

13. Get more aggressive in our saving and retirement planning

14. Take 3 Long Weekend Trips with my hubby

15. See Jimmy Buffett and/or Kenny Chesney in Concert

16. Enjoy Life More
This may seem simply, but so often I find myself running from task to task that I don't take time to really enjoy life.  I believe its all about perspective, and focusing on whats really important in life. This year I want to truly enjoy the fun moments in life.  I want to laugh more and just enjoy life  more.

Happy New Year My Friends!

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