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Whatever You Do, Do It All for the Glory of God

To say the Lord has led me over these past few months is actually an understatement.  My reliance on God has been the only thing that has sustained me in perfect peace over the last couple of months.  I have found myself  reading book after book this year, and purposefully so, all of them are focused on building our faith through times of transition and chaos.  I feel like I've read more books in the past two months than I did in 2013 and 2014 combined.  LOL.

Here are the books I read in January alone.....

These books have been incredible, and I just have to share some of my favorite things each of these jewels has taught me:

1. Dear Jesus

This sweet devotional is a sequel to my other favorite Sarah Young books called Jesus Calling.  This small book is divided into topics/themes.  I usually match it to an emotion or feeling I am having that day, or even match it to what I am studying in the Word that morning.  It gives a sweet prayer, followed by scripture and words of encouragement on particular topics.   

2. Restless

Jennie Allen is becoming one of my FAVORITE Christian teachers.  Her heart and passion to minister to women is amazing.  I have to be honest and say that I haven't finished this book; however, so far this book is beginning to show me that God is using my life for His Glory. 

Here is a short sneak peak about the book:


3. Balancing It All

Another one of my favorite authors, Candace Cameron Bure gives a look in her journey from childhood to motherhood to working woman. Her stories remind me that in our everyday lives how to rely on God with His guidance and leading. 

4. Whispers of Hope

Starting the day with a Beth Moore Devotion - How can you go wrong with that?  This devotion has transformed my prayer life.  Each day Beth teaches on a particular topic or bible story, and then the devotion leaves room to write prayers listing 5 different areas to pray for:  Praise, Repentance, Acknowledgement, Prayers for Others, Prayers for Self, and Equipping.  What a beautful routine to get in the habit of praying.  Its the Lord's Prayer coming to life.  

 5. Chasing God

This book captivated me the moment I saw it on the book shelf at Lifeway.  Angie does an incredible job teaching the reader through her vulnerabilities on what it means to rest and open your hear to God, and stop chasing Him.  

Here is a sneak peak of Chasing God:


6. Living Beyond Your Feelings

Oh my, one of my favorite books ever. I needed this book in a certain season of my life, and I know God used it to help me face some major anxieties, hurts, and tests I had ever faced.  Through this study the Lord showed me how to access His Peace in hard times and how to truly trust Him, day in and day out.  I am usually not an emotional person, but over the last year, my emotions decided to play havoc in my normally calm life, and I let them.  Joyce teaches how to get control of our emotions and feelings, and stop giving into them when they are out of control.  I cannot tell you how much peace and simplicity that has established in my life since learning to recognize my feelings and how to respond to them.  If life has you beat down and worn out, this is a must read.  It will help strengthen you and give you calm in the midst of a crazy storm. 

I hope you enjoyed these short reviews.  I have read several other books in February and March, and will share an update with you on those books soon.  If you are looking for a good devotion or a book a certain topic, these books are definitly worth reading.  

Happy Wednesday.
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Kellie said...

I'll definitely be checking out that Joyce Meyer book! I have recently purchased the other books as well and need to get to reading them!

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