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I've got my happy back.........

Whew this week has flown by at mock speed.  I can't believe its Saturday already!  Ha!  Things are good.  Actually, things are really good.  As I drove home yesterday afternoon, I couldn't help but smile and enjoy the drive.  God is so good, isn't He!  It seems like every time I turn around He is giving me little encouragements and blessings.  Whether its an encouraging call from a friend or a sweet conversation a new co-worker, things are just good.

To highlight some of the "good" I thought I would share some of my favorite things from this week:

 Monday, I kicked off my first full week of work with a little St. Patrick's Day Celebration!  I had these cute cup cakes wrapped up and gave to my co-workers.  So fun, and they loved it.  :-)

I also came across this awesome mash-up of some of my FAVORITE Christian songs from last year.  Which, led me to start listening to the artist Anthem Lights, and now are a must-listen on my
"Workday" Playlist on Spotify!

Sleep - Ahhh......its good stuff!  And, I am happy to say that my sleep routine is returning after nearly a year of craziness.  Makes me sooo happy.

"Professional" Blogging I posted my first Blog this my new company this week, and loved the way it turned out.Click HERE to read! 

Catvertising - If you haven't seen this, you will love it.  Especially, if you are in the Advertising or Marketing world.  Its too funny!! 

Hope you enjoyed the highlights of the week.  Things are going great, and I am so appreciative and thankful for all the goodness that is filling my life right now. 

Happy Saturday!

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