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Good Times........

This weekend has simply been the best!!  I kicked off the weekend, by coming home on Friday and my best friend, Tiffany, pilled up on our couch watching TV and just chill'n.  Its been ages since Tif has stayed with us and just hung out on our couch, but I just loved it!!  It reminded me of old times.  LOL!!  

Actually, the reason Tif was in Knoxville was because a good friend was getting married.  And, since her sweet hubby couldn't make the trip, I was her "stand in" date.  LOL!!  We had a great time celebrating the wedding of one of our sweet friends, Holden, who is simply one of the best guys I have ever met.  He has always been so kind, and his heart is truly to serve the Lord.  So happy for him.  And, it made me a little snappy to see another one of our "kids" growing up, but love that he is going to be serving the Lord in mighty, mighty ways! 

 What a precious couple!! 

Beautiful Wedding!!

And, I was so excited that at the wedding I was able to spend some time with some of my favorite "Kingsport friends."  We spent so much time catching up and encouraging one another.  I was so blessed to be reminded that true friendship is such a gift.  These last few weeks I have been surrounded by so many wonderful friends who are so encouraging and speak God's word and love into my life.  I am one blessed gal. 

 Part of my "Church Family!!"

 Justin, Holden, Tiffany, and Becky!!

Tiffany and Rory - Two of the most giving ladies I know!  
Truly servants for the Lord!

 Sam!!  The Emcee of my Wedding Reception. LOL!!

 Loved spending so much time with this gal and her family!! 

We got home kind-of late, and ended up staying up talking, catching up, and just laughing.  I love having a best friend that will listen to my heart without any judgement, and who will share her heart with complete trust. Its a beautful thing.

On Saturday, I slept in until nearly noon (felt amazing), and then we did a little shopping and had an awesome meal at PF Changs.  It was soooo good spending time together, and it made me miss her visits so much!  One day we will live closer to one another.  One day. :-)

What an incredible Saturday and looking forward to tomorrow!! 


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