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You Revive Me.........

My soul lord is thirsty  
Only you can satisfy  
You're the well that never will run dry  
And I praise you for the blessing Of calling me your friend  
And in your name I'm lifting up my hands

A few weeks ago, on my way to work one morning, I became captivated by a song that I have heard for nearly two years - You Revive Me by Christy Nockles.  I was listening to the Passion 2012 CD and I just felt the the Lord's presence all around me as I drove. 

I had been feeling so overwhelmed and stressed out that week, and honestly the thought of facing the day just seemed like too much.  As I got in my car, I felt the Lord speak softly to my spirit as I turned on the CD.  I usually chat on the phone or think about work as I drive; however, that morning I felt the Lord tell me just to relax and be still in His presence.  

I knew my soul felt so dry, and yet I was trying to fill myself up with "things" and "people," and not The Lord.  I knew only time with God would satisfy the longing and unrest in my heart, yet I kept finding myself turning to the "world" and away from the Lord.  

Yet, in that car ride to work, the Lord spoke to my Sprit and it litterally felt that the breath of God breathed LIFE into my Soul, because in a blink of an eye my mind became clear, my mood lifted, and peace washed over me.  I was in the presence of the Lord, and there is no where I would have rather been that morning than driving to work experiencing the love the Lord was pouring down on me.

Isn't it amazing how faithful and loving our God is.  Just when I didn't think I could make it, just when I thought I had lost my footing, the Lord simply chose a simple moment to speak to me, and revive me. All the stress and things I was so "worried" about came into perspective, and I knew that with the Lord all things were possible. 

God is soooo Good.  Below is the song..........Be Blessed Today My Friends!! 

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