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You know those times you have an "ah-ha" moment........wanted to share mine with you....

Trust is not something that I usually do easily.  In fact, trust is usually the thing that holds me back from letting people in.  However, over the past 6-months, I have really been working at trusting others without second guessing. If I share something with a friend, I don't worry what that friend may say to others. I simply don't worry about.  I say "I trust" and I do. 

Now I know we live in a world that trust is hardly worth believing in; however, I came to a realization that when you truly trust, its one of the most freeing and amazing feelings you can experience. 

The feeling of having good friends and not worrying what they might do with things that I've said or done. Its just amazing when we really "trust" someone what that can do to a relationship. 

I was reflecting back over this thought in my quiet time with the Lord, and I kept thinking that how amazing it is that with God His TRUST is never questioned.  If you are follower of Christ, there is an assurance that the Lord will always be there, He is Faithful, He is our Comforter, He is our Healer, He is our Provider, He is our Peace.  And, I couldn't help but thank Him for his unwavering trust.  That when I share my heart, my fears, my joys, my questions with Him, that its SAFE.  He is patient and He will carry me through every situation, He will heal me, He will give me wisdom, He is truly in charge of everything.  And, I TRUST HIM!! 

And I realized that the feeling of assurance I was s trying to find in friendships/relationships, that feeling of true TRUST, has to first come through my relationship with the Lord.  I cannot "really" trust others, until I trust the Lord with every thing in my life.  And, once I do that, I can then begin to trust friends, family, etc.

I came across this version of "Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus" and it is so powerful.  Amazing worship song.   The ending is so amazing, and just a sweet reminder of God's love for us. 

Have a blessed Sunday!! 

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