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5 On Friday........

Its Friday!!  I am so excited the weekend is almost here, and looking forward to a lot of relaxing and time with friends.  This week has actually been steady, productive, and most of all chilled.  

And, I have only one thing to credit that too..........SCHEDULING NO MEETINGS!  

Since, I have been out of the office most of May, I purposefully scheduled very few meetings this week, and have gotten SO MUCH accomplished.  I was beginning to feel extremely overwhelmed, and so thankful for the pause in the hectic life.  

Anyways, enough about my sob story on being "busy".....LOL....I wanted to link up with a week-wrap up blog party.  Some of my favorite blogs are hosting Five on Fridays, and I just had to jump in. 

1. 4-Day Work Week
With Memorial Day on Monday, I savored up the Long Weekend and enjoyed spending some much needed time at home, relaxing, and getting things organized.

2.National Coverage for a Fun Knoxville Event
After working diligently with some of my favorite national PR people, we were able to bring in a writer from the Huffington Post to cover the International Biscuit Festival.  The event was a huge success, and was covered and published by the Huffington Post!  (PR at its best!)

3. I have successfully NOT taken home work this week. 
I am really really trying hard to work on NOT working 24/7, and leaving work at 6p.m. and not working at night is simply the best!

4. Dinner with my Hubby All Week
Luckily, mine and Matt's schedule has been the same this week, which means we have actually gotten to eat dinner every night this week together.  We are savoring this time, as it may not last when his work schedule (or mine) gets hectic again!

5. Lots of Good Phone Chats with Good Friends
Since I haven't been working at night, I've made time to catch up with good friends.  I've had lots of awesome conversations and marathon catch-up sessions.  I am simply blessed with lots of amazing friends, and so good to catch up and enjoy our chats!

I know this week seemed a little quiet, but honestly that is exactly what I needed.  I have a GREAT weekend!! 

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