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This Week................

This week I.............

+ worked out everyday, except Friday.  I've been waking up at 5-something every morning and getting my workouts in.  I'm beginning to feel SOOO much better, and look forward to making this a habit. 

+ went to bed before 10:30pm almost every night.  

+ celebrated birthdays of two of my favorite people....KATHERINE and LANEY!!

+ had several nights that I attended 2+ events each night.  (Late nights getting home!!)

+ averaged 6 - 8 meetings a day and will be working ALL weekend to catch up.  (Gotta love it!!)

+ successfully ate NO Meals at home all week!  (Not good.  Not good at all)

+ did get to spend two nights out and about with my hubby.  (Favorite Part!!)

+ learned that life is REALLY complicated and I have it take it one day at a time. 

I hope you have a GREAT weekend.  I have lots of To-Dos on my plate, but looking forward to getting a lot of things accomplished!!

Happy Saturday!

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