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Happy Birthday Laney..........

Happy Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people and closest friends, Laney!!  I am so blessed to have a best friend that I get to work with everyday and get to experience life together!  The good, the hard, and the great!!  

I cannot imagine my life over the last two year's without her, as she ALWAYS keeps me laughing and smiling everyday.  She is about the only person in my life that tells it to me straight, and speaks from a place of love, but sometimes tells me what I NEED to hear, not what I WANT to hear. I respect her more than words can ever express and so excited with all the memories that lay ahead. 


Laney, I hope you have an incredible birthday.  Filled with LOTS of love and happiness, as that is what you deserve!  Can't wait to celebrate your B-Day with LOTS of singing by random people.  Ha!!  


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Laney said...

That was awesome...thank you so much!!! Love you too!!!!!! Thanks for making my day awesome!! :)

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