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Well Hello................

 I found the saying above, and really couldn't help think if its an explanation to my life lately.  Ha!!

I honestly didn't mean to take a week off from blogging.  This year is moving at WARP speed, and I during the few moments of downtime that I did have this past week, I found myself reading and relaxing, which I don't think is a bad thing. 

Things are going well.  We got bad Ice Storm on Friday, and EVERYTHING in Knoxville was closed!  Which meant Matt and I got a day off together, and I always love that.  This weekend, is a quiet one for me.  I need to get a few work projects caught up before Monday, laundry done, meals planned for the week ahead, and get my calendar organized too! I have a few work trips coming up too, so that always means planning on my part to get everything caught up.      

In personal news, I also have a couple of good friends with Birthdays coming up, so I am working on some FUN surprises to make them know how much they mean to me!!!  

In other good news, we got a call on Friday that my car would be ready for pick up on Monday morning!  YEAH!!  Its been over a month since my accident, and I am THRILLED to get it back!  Just fingers crossed that the entire drivers side that they had to replace matches the rest of the car.  :-)  LOL!!

I hope your weekend is going well, and you are staying WARM!  Its supposed to be near 60 tomorrow, which is crazy because yesterday it hardly got out of the 20s.  Gotta love winter!

Have a great weekend!

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