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As I looked at my work calendar earlier this week, I noticed Friday was full of 7 (yes, I said SEVEN) important meetings.  Sheesh!  Even for this on-the-go-gal, it was A LOT!!  However, thankfully Mother-Nature had a little gift for me, as she poured a few inches of snow on Knoxville, Thursday afternoon. Which meant, EVERYTHING SHUT down!!  Woohoo!!

Getting home Thursday afternoon was a little of challenge (only one panic attack); however, I did make it home and decided it would probably be best to stay indoors for a day or so, before I could bare the roads again.  LOL! 

 Waking Up to SNOW!!

I woke up this morning at 6:00 a.m. with my boss texting me about plans for our morning commute.  About that time, I heard a weird noise outside, and as I looked out I saw our paper man sliding around our neighborhood.  I quickly decided that I was REALLY not going ANYWHERE, took a vacation day and decided to put being up at 6:30 a.m. to good use. 

I went downstairs, opened all the blinds in the bonus room and worked on catching up on emails for nearly 6 hours!  I have been a little overwhelmed recently by the VOLUME of emails I have been getting, that I decided to just knock 'em out.  (And, I still need to organize my To-Do Lists and get goals set for my team for next week, but I will handle that later on this weekend. :-) Did, I mention I love my job.  LOL)

Anyways, after I finished getting caught up, I did something I NEVER do.  REST!  I did not clean, cook, organize, call anyone, NOTHING.  I sat in front of my TV, wrapped up in a blanket and caught up on my DVR (which was 60% full!)  It was sooooo nice, as I really haven't watched much TV in several weeks.  

 Some of my Favorite Shows!

Tonight we are staying in, cooking dinner, and resting a little more.

I hope you are having a great Friday, and hope you get to STOP and enjoy a little R&R soon too. 

Happy Weekend!!

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