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Hello!!!   I am writing this morning with a HUGE smile on my face, as I breath a sigh of relief that a MAJOR work project is complete, and now I can begin focusing on the job I truly love!  :-)  In all honesty, I cannot express how blessed and honored I am to have such an awesome job. I love working to market and promote a city that I now call home.  I am surrounded by a team that challenges me (in a good way) every day, and to say that I am surrounded by people who make me better is definitely true!!

I have always been passionate about my career path, and many times I have chosen work/career goals over personal wants and desires. Its sooooo hard to find that work/life balance (does it exist?), and its something I struggle with on a daily basis.  I've got a couple of goals for 2013 as it relates to my career, mostly education and accreditation, and I am excited that I can take some time in the coming weeks/months to begin obtaining those goals. 

I am often asked "what drives me," and its honestly the pursuit of excellence in everything I do. I work hard to be a good steward of the job that the Lord has blessed me with, and in that hard work comes a VERY high level of excellence in my work ethic and performance. 

I know I have A LOT of room to grow in career, and look forward to the ride ahead; however, in the mean time I will count my blessings that I get to DO WHAT I LOVE!!  

Happy Wednesday!!

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His Doorkeeper said...

Nothing makes life better than working at something you love! You are blessed to be doing that! I got tickled at the picture of your Mom in her formal. We must be near the same age because that looked like one of my old pictures!! Same dress, same hair style!! Love it!

Blessings to you! We are "snowed in" today here in North Arkansas! Hope you all are having nice weather!

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