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Two Goals Accomplished...........

Its been two weeks since I've had a soda, and one week since pledging not to eat after 9:00 p.m.   And, surprisingly (thanks to the help from the Lord) it hasn't been too hard.  How do I feel.  Much, Much better. I actually feel that this journey to a healthier me is actually going to work!

So, what is the goal for this week?  Rising early to spend time in the Word.  This is a habit that has unfortunately not been a part of my life on a consistent basis for the past year or so. And, I have read scripture after scripture about rising early to seek God, and I know its something the Lord is calling each of us to do.

I came across this message from Joyce Meyer on the topic of "Making Time with God," and even though its a little lengthy, it is such a great message.If you have some extra time, I encourage you to watch it. 

Here is to another week of gaining a new habit.  Have a blessed Tuesday!!

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