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Going Clean.............

Its officially been a five (5) weeks since I've given up soda, and honestly I feel so much better.  I am not as hungry as I once was, and my water intake as increased each day.  There are TWO big things that I  started ditching this weekend, sweet tea and fast food restaurants.  These two things are really keeping me from losing weight and they must go.

So, in celebration of kicking sweet tea and fast food out of my life, I am moving towards eating cleaner.  Below are few items I am adding to my diet:

Think Thin Bars w/ an Apple for Breakfast - DELISH!!  (AND 20g of PROTEIN!!)

Bear Naked Chocolate Granola with Greek Strawberry Yogurt - Perfect Snack

Brown Rice - Add Frozen Veggies for a Healthy Dinner

Natural Almonds added with an Apple is a Perfect Afternoon Snack

Healthy Lunch Option - Add a Glass of Water and you will be full for several hours. 

Perfect Post Workout Drink!

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So what will a day of healthy eating look like:

Wake Up & 16 Oz of Cold Water with Lemon Juice
30-45 minutes of cardio and weights followed by 1 Serving of Whey Protein Drink
Shower & Get Ready
Breakfast - Think Thin Bar & Apple with 16 Oz of Cold Water

Mid-Morning Snack
Yogurt & Granola & 16 Oz of Water
Banana &16 Oz of Water

Kashi or Annie's Frozen Dinner
1 Serving of Banana Chips
Vitamin Water

Afternoon Snack
10 Carrots and 1 Serving of Natural Peanut Butter

Chicken & Veggies with Brown Rice 
1 Serving of Brown Rice 
1 Serving of Sherbert

1 Hour before Bed
Get Clean Herbal Tea

Goal:  Lose 10lbs before Thanksgiving!! 

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