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Does Prayer Really Change Things...........

Last night, I decided to take an evening and spend in the some Christian teachings.  To be honest, I have been feeling a pull on my soul from the Lord to spend some much needed time in His Word and listening to some Godly teaching.  One thing I DVR on a daily basis is Joyce Meyer's Enjoying Everyday Life.  I have left the house really early a couple of days this week, so I decided to spend a few of hours catching up on this week's teachings.  As I started listening, I kept thinking, "This sounds familiar" and I quickly remembered hearing this same message in person last fall in Atlanta.  

I quickly found my 2011 Prayer Journal and turned to the notes from our weekend in Atlanta last year.  The message was from a Joyce Meyer conference last fall that my mom and several ladies from her church attended, but as I listed to the message again it came alive and really spoke to my soul.  Now, if your thinking this is the point of the story, its not.  I had to tell you all of this, because once  I finished the lessons I started flipping through my prayer journal to see what all I had written in October of last year.  I do this from time to time; however, as I flipped through the pages I came upon an entry from a year ago and about fell out of my chair.  

I usually don't share this intimate part of my life, esp.  on a blog; however, I honestly feel the Lord is encouraging me to share.  I wrote on October 31, 2011:

"LORD today was an interesting day.  My department at work had a meeting with our CEO, and she has challenged our team to develop new concepts and visions.  However, there is something that is causing me to feel that there is a lot of unknown drama in the background.  I cannot put my finger on it yet, but God I need you to guard me and I trust you LORD with my words and actions.  I do not want to be pulled into mind games, and LORD I ask for you to guard me from the plan of attack and destruction from the enemy..........LORD, your Word says to 'take delight' in the you and tonight I come before you and worship you, LORD JESUS.  I praise you for being my healer, protector, my peace, and my victory.  Lord you are my friend, provider, creator, and Prince of Peace.  You give me with love, joy, peace, kindness, self-control, discipline, and wisdom.  God I know you have an incredible journey ahead for me, and God I will not move until I hear from you.  Lord, move in my life, change me, and place me where you want me to be.  God I need you..............I need wisdom throughout today and through this situation that just seems off to me. Lord, thank you in advance for your Power and Strength that abide in me."

Now, if you've read my blog at ALL since December of last year, you will know that my work life has been turned upside down and it has been an incredibly difficult year.  A lot of different emotions and trying to come to grips with my place in the entire process.  As I read the above prayer, I couldn't help but lift my hands and say THANK YOU LORD!!!  The Holy Spirit was preparing me MONTHS in advance for what I faced over the last 10-11 months; however, I had not a clue of all that was coming my way.  I know we learn about life looking backwards, yet me must live life moving forward. And, I am so thankful that I have a relationship with a God who takes care of every need in my life, even if I don't know I have  need. 

I was reminded of God's faithfulness. He is in control and will prepare us for all that is ahead.  And, often I beat myself up for not being "perfect" or not making my quiet time with the Lord a HIGH Priority.  Yet, looking back over the past year, I remember something I read recently that was an encouragement to me:  

"You have been on a long, uphill journey, and your energy is almost spent.  Though you have faltered at times, you have not let go of My hand.  I am pleased with your desire to stay close to me."

I needed to hear that.  The enemy wants to beat us up and tell us that because we aren't the perfect Christians that the Lord is displeased and disgusted by us.  However, the Lord sees our hearts and knows our intents and motives. God heard my prayers last year, and really held me close to Him during this challenging time. So the question in the subject line, does prayer really change things...........WITHOUT A DOUBT!! 

Thank you Lord for the encouragement and the THANK YOU for the ALWAYS walking ahead of me and guiding me into Your Will. 

Oh, how I love Jesus.  

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