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Goal of the week..............Reconnecting

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This weekend, I found my self in odd situation.  For 10 months, I have allowed my work take OVER my life and honestly can say that I have forgotten how to have a personal life.  So, in attempts to reconnect with my life-long friends, my goal this week is simple.  RECONNECT WITH SEVERAL OF MY CHILDHOOD FRIENDS!!  Phone Calls, Texts, Emails, Cards, etc.  but I will be taking time reconnect with those ladies who are just so precious to my soul!!

 My Best Friends at my Wedding!!

 College Equals Good Times!!

My Sigma Kappa Sistas

Pledge Retreat!

Wedding Season

More Weddings

Nikki & I at the Cabin in High School

My LIL SIS Molly and I

Sigma Wedding!! 

Another Wedding! 

My Partners in Crime in College!!


Molly said...

Your Lil Sis Molly MISSES you!

Molly said...
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