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Life Will Get Better..........Right?


Okay, here goes.  This is not a normal Kim Davis post.  Usually I talk about all the good stuff going on in my life, and how blessed my life is. (And, for the record, I really do realize how blessed I really am.)  However, I've been thinking a lot lately about transparency.  And, how sometimes I am not as transparent on this blog as I want to be.  Its the idea that letting my guard down may show weakness or imperfection, and sometimes that scares me. 

I want to be seen as having it all together with no care in the world.  But, in all honesty, that is not real. My parents always say that I have to be careful not to say too much, but I also want to be real.  I want to be a person who others can relate to.  I want a life that reflects my relationship with Christ; however, I also want a life that is real and honest and transparent!  

And, to be transparent, I have to confess that 2012 is not going as planned.  If you've been reading my blog since last year, you may remember that I was so excited for 2012 to arrive.  I have no idea why; however, I just had a good feeling about this year.  I wanted it to be the year of change, and BOY HAS IT!!   And, not in a good way. 

  • My Job Has/Is Kicking My Rear!   And, in all honesty, I still love my job, but this year has been tough. 
  • My Health is at an all time Life-Low.  I have 6-Months to "Get It Together" as the doc tells me, or I am going to face life long problems.
  • Someone near and dear to me is facing an unwelcomed health situation that is a little uncertain at this time.
  • I am exhausted, and just can't seem to get enough sleep.
  • I haven't lost a lb this year. 
  • I have been a horrible friend to my core group of best friends.  As work and life commitments have taken over my life, and I have put many friendships on the back burner.
  • I've only visited home 4 times this year.  I only live 2 hours away, yet only been home a few times.
  • And, lets not think about the lack of exercise, bible reading, quiet time with the Lord, and other things that I have yet to commit time to this year. 
I just can't help being disappointing in myself over these past 6-months.  I was SOOOO excited for 2012, thinking it was going to be this GREAT YEAR; however, it has been so much hard-ache and pain that I am almost dreading the next 6-months.

Can I make it to 2013............I am beginning to wonder.

So now do you agree - this is not a typical "Kim Davis" post; however, its all true, transparent, and honest.  Yet, in saying all this I have to believe that I am going through these tough things for a season and for a reason.  I knew that the last four years that were paved with easier times were preparing me for a time like this.  

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And, its in seasons like this that I MUST dig deeper, cling to the promises of God, and TRUST HIM in everything that I face.  

  • My Job - Trusting the Lord with Every Decision and Ongoing Changes, and Know I am where He wants me to be. 
  • My Health - Must become a priority, and trusting the Lord to lead me to people who can speak wisdom in my life about weight loss, exercise, and nutrition. 
  • Loved One Who Is Sick - Trusting that the Lord for healing and that He will use this diagnosis to build a stronger testimony, and that He will receive all the Glory for what He is doing in their life at this time.  
  • Exhaustion - That the Lord will Give Me Sweet, Peaceful Sleep.
  • Friendships - Trusting the Lord to guide me in making time to spend time my core group of friends over the next six months, and rebuilding relationships that I have spent a lifetime building.  
  • Family Time - Double the Trips Home in the Last Part of 2012.
  • Time With the Lord - Discipline myself to spend time each morning, preparing my day with God before I do anything else.  

And, this song speaks the words I find so hard to find:  

May my God receive Glory for ALL THAT I AM, in good times and trying times.

Trusting in Him! 

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