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My Week in One Word...........Or One Saying!

Okay.......instead of one word, I have a saying for the week.............HELLO ROUTINE!!  As most of the regular visitors to my blog know, the last 12 weeks have been anything BUT routine.  With my job turned upside down, and not knowing what to expect with each day,routine was the first thing that went out the window.

That was until THIS WEEK!!  Exhale..........can I just say that I have welcomed my routine back into my life with open arms.  I can make a to-do list and actually get most things accomplished.  I work my tail off each day; however, I am also accomplishing balance in my personal life and being a better wife, daughter, and friend!! 

Life this week is good.  Real Good.  However, I will be honest and say that I am still struggling to get my morning routine down - the whole waking up early for my quiet time with the Lord, working out, getting ready for work, and getting to work early.  This week the routine was more get up at 7 a.m., get ready-SLOWLY, and get to work right on time. on the look out for a post about disciplining myself to get my mornings organized again.  LOL!

And, with all the routine back in my life, I can't help but plan and organize the upcoming weeks and months.  Which means vacation.  (Details coming soon!!)

Have a great weekend!!

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