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Its Friday.........Time for Confession

Its Friday. Its Friday.  This week has FLOWN by!!  It seems like today should be Tuesday.  LOL!!  However, I will take it.  I have a fun weekend planned, filled with time at the spa, a wedding, a little church, and lots of rest!!  And, I can't get over that Sunday is the first day of April...........where has this year gone.

To end the week on a fun note, I thought I would link up with Leslie at the Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday. I always love reading her posts, and hope you enjoy a few things I have to confess this week.

1. I have taken the plunge and started drinking peppermint tea at night.  Its a great cleansing tea, and makes me feel 5 lbs lighter in the morning.

2. Many of you wonder what my hubby does as a hobby.  
Here is a pic from a weekend in Indiana last fall.  

3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this table scape.  
Think its a great idea for a summer cook out!!  

4. Here is an idea I have for Easter Dinner Dessert.  
Stuffed Apple & Pie!! Delish!! 

 5. I love reading Roo  Its an incredible Christian Woman resource with great articles and insight into helping us live more for Christ in our every day lives!!

6.  Through all the hecticness of the past 13 weeks, there is an excitement in the air.  I am working my tail off and stepping up in my career.  And, I don't know what will come of everything; however, I do know that I am a better PR/Marketing Professional through all this and the intense career experience is something I don't take for granite. 

7. Finally, I am AMAZED how great Adele looks these days.  I am totally love her music, and I am astounded how much weight she has lost over the years.  Very motivational.  

Have a great weekend!!

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