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Hello Again...........


Hello Sweet Friends - I am thrilled to be back from a whirlwind Christmas Vacation!!  I have truly enjoyed my time off; however, I stayed soooo busy!! It was nice to take a blogging break, but I am excited to be back.  I missed keeping up with many of you, and look forward to get into the swing of things. 

Lots of fun and exciting things have been going on in the Davis Household!  One (1) exciting change is the addition of Kit Kat Davis to our family.  The boys (my cats) are not to sure about the new addition; however, it seems like Kit Kat is happy and right at home.  She definitly favors Matt, which is good because "the boys" are very protective of me.  Ha!!  Its been an exciting few days getting the cats situated; however, things are getting better each day.

 This is note pics coming soon!!

And, you may be wondering.........."why in the world did you decide to get another cat?" make a long story short, my close friend Melanie and her hubby moved to Switzerland for Melanie's job, and at the last minute they decided to not take their pets.  Matt has always adored Kit Kat, and without hesitation we decided to adopt her.  Its been a great decision, and we are so glad we have her!

In other Christmas News.........we had a great time with our family!  I hardly took any picture; however, we were too busy enjoying our family, that it totally slipped my mind.  We did our traditional Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Activities, and on Christmas Day Night, I got the exciting news that my best friend was engaged!!  (Woohoo!!)

 This is my bro-in-law Jamie, with a shirt made for him by Kristy.  He always quotes, "Hey Ref, Where's the Flag" at least 200 times at UT Football Games!!  Ha!!

And, Santa was good to me too!  A few of my favorite things included a pair of rain boots I had been wanting, that had been sold out, that my mom actually found!!  I was sooo excited.  I also received chrams for my Pandora Bracelet, books, music, lots of gift cards, clothes (which, I love when my mom gives me clothes), perfume, a new vacuum, cake plate, ornaments, and much much more.  I also received amazing pair of Tori Burch Sunglasses and an IPONE!!!

 Tory Burch Sunglasses!! 

 IPHONE 4s!! 
If you don't have an IPHONE, you need to run (not walk) to the phone store and get one.  Its Incredible, and I am in awe with everything it will do!  My life is much more organized and simplier since my IPHONE came into my life.  Ha!!!  

I hope you had a blessed Christmas!  I am looking forward to the New Year!  I have lots of exciting plans for 2012, and I can't wait till it gets here!!

Have a great rest of the week!! 


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Sounds like y'all had a great Christmas! Congrats on the new fun!

Chef Ry said...

I love James shirt, and I think you need to make an add for iPhone.

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