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Sunday, Sunday..........How I Love Sundays!!

 If I've said it once, I'll say it again...........I LOVE SUNDAYS!!!  Its my favorite day of the week, and I am always in the best mood on Sundays.  What makes me love Sundays so much...........

1) Rest. Relaxation.  Quietness.  I always try to schedule very little on Sundays.  I love getting up, fixing breakfast for my hubby, and then relaxing and spending time in the Word, and with the Lord.  

2) Organization - Sundays are my day to organize life.  I spend time working on organizing upcoming projects, my work week, my wardrobe, my life. It makes a HUGE different, and makes the week go by smoother.  

3)  Planning upcoming meals & always a little shopping.  - I love to sit down and plan out the Davis Family Menu and Week Day Activities.  And, sometimes I will a little time to shop for groceries or small things we need. 

4) Spending time outside.  I love that I can spend the mornings and afternoons in the yard, and enjoying this incredible fall weather. 

5)  CHURCH!!  We truly LOVE our church, and I love serving on the Welcome/Greeter Team!!  So blessed to be part of an incredible group of believers.  And, I LOVE THAT Matt & I go to third service, and we get to enjoy our day!!  We begin at 6 p.m.   

And, Sundays are truly my recharge the day for the crazy week ahead!!  

Have a GREAT Sunday! 

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