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Being Married is the Best Thing that EVER happened to Me!!

My post title is totally the truth.   Matt and I have been Mr. & Mrs. for over four (4) years, and dated 11 years before we were married.  That's a total of 15 years!!   Life has always been good, but for the past four (4) years, life has been incredible.  And, this week's on Show Us Your Life.........the topic is Marriage Advice. 

Below are my four pieces of advise, that keep our marriage incredible: 

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate - Matt and I try to spend at least 20 minutes each day just talking and listening.  We try not to have the TV on or take phone calls/texts.  We just sit and talk about life, work, upcoming plans, etc.  This is the time of day I cherish the most, and makes me appreciate that my hubby is truly my bestest friend. 

2.  Laugh!  And the Laugh Some More - Our home is always filled with lots of laughter.  We are always making jokes, picking on one another, or playing with the cats.  We have lots of inside jokes, and it makes our time together so much fun. 

3. Get over it - We don't always agree, and sometimes a crazy day can be taken out on the other one.  However, once we realize where we are, we apologize and simply GET OVER IT!  No grudges, no "he/she hurt my feelings," no nothing.  We talk it out, forgive, and MOVE ON!! 

 4. Always Kiss Him Hello / Goodbye - Before leaving and when getting home the first priority is kissing my sweet husband.  Its our way of just saying "I love you," and that everything else in life will be okay.  

Those are the things that keep us going, and keep life fun and interesting.  

Have a great weekend!!


Christi said...

I saw your blog on Kelly's Korner. It's good to see another TN girl! We live 30 minutes from Knoxville. Just thought I would say hello!

Lori Alexander said...

Such a great post!!! To have such wisdom at such a young age is such a blessing. It only took me 23 years of being married to discover the truths you already know. Keep up the good work!

*Kelly* said...

Just now getting to read Kelly's Korner.

What a totally cute couple you guys are!!!!

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