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Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!!

 Eight (8) years ago, I met my very best friend.  
We served in ministry together, and throughout the years remained loyal and close friends.  Even moving two hours away, she was always there to take "mini vacations" to visit me and let me know she was always there.  

 We always have so much fun together.  She is my rock, and over the years we have grown up together, and my life has been much richer with her in it.  

She is always there, and made my wedding day unforgettable. 

We are honest with one another.  We experience life together.  And, most importantly we trust each other with everything.  

Tiff - You are truly my bestest friend.  You have been by my side through everything, and I am amazed by the lady you have become.  I am so proud of you and where you are going.  With school, career, family, and your relationship with the Lord, you truly amaze me.  LOVE YOU so very much, and have a GREAT Birthday! 

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Kate said...

Happy Birthday to your best friend!

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