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2009.........One Last Time

I am excited to announce all of our Christmas decorations have been taken down and put away. After 2 months of being festive and celebrating the Holidays, I was very excited to take the tree and all the trimmings down last night. All that remains are gift bags and boxes to be carried to the trash, and I hope to get that taken care of before the night is over.

In cleaning our home today, in hopes of celebrating 2010 with a clean house and all the laundry done, I began thinking of the blessings 2009 brought me. Many people have mentioned the hardships of 2009; however, I always like to end on a good here are my top 5 Blessings:

1) My husband, Matt, and I have been married 2 1/2 years, and to say our marriage gets better every year is a fact. He is truly my best friend and I can not thank him enough for filling our home with laughter, lots of love, and cleanliness. I am so thankful every day for our 14 years together.

Matt & I Celebrating 4th of July at a Davis Family Cookout

Matt and I cheering on our favorite teams at the Braves and Yankees Game this Summer

2) An in-depth journey through the Old Testament - I spent 22 weeks of 2009 studying the Books of Genesis and Esther. What a journey the Lord took me on. This upcoming year, I am kicking off 2010 with a 10 week study of Revelations........what a change. Ending 2009 with the beginning of the bible, and beginning 2010 with Revelations.

3) Friendships & Family - The Lord has blessed me with incredible friendships and amazing relationships with my parents and in-laws. I could not have imagined 2009 without being able to experience life without my closest friends and family. I especially loved our Fall Family nice it was to spend a few days with my parents, husband, and best friend, Tiffany.

Mom & I

Celebrating Dustin's Master's Degree - I am So Proud of Him

Squished in the car with my 2nd Family

Jamie and I relaxing on a Beach Vacation

My Best Friend Tif and I Celebrating Her First UT Game

4) An Amazing Career and Job - The Lord has blessed me so very much with an incredible career and wonderful colleagues at work and in the business community. Getting to work each day with my co-workers leaves me laughing each day, and we have an amazing team and love each one of them so very much. I am looking forward to all that we are going to accomplish next year.

5) The Ability to Rest - For many years, I have stayed so active that I would move to one project to another without any rest. 2009, was truly the year of God calling me to a year to STOP, REST, and WAIT upon the Lord. Take a look at a previous post to learn more about that call. However, what an incredible journey He has taken me on, and I have truly found a peace, through that rest, which has allowed me to spend more time with the Lord, and more time growing in His Word.

What about you, what are some of the things you are blessed with from 2009?? Tomorrow, I hope to share a few resolutions and goals for 2010. Until then, have a fantastic New Years Eve....go Vols....and I will see you next year.

An Incredible Worship Song for 2009

Oh and did I forget to mention my favorite memory:

Need I Say More


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