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LIfe Lately - Third 15 Days of 2018

Another 15 days have passed, and during these winter months it seems like routine is fairly easy to maintain.  The rhythms of life are fairly consistent, with not a lot of extra running to and from random places.  Here are a few highlights from the past February 1- 15, 2018.

 This photo melts my heart.  
My father-in-law waited his entire life to finally be a grandpa.  

 One Friday afternoon, I left work and decided to take the back roads home.  
Even driving back roads that are off the usually back roads I take.  
Sometimes I just like taking my time and reliving so many childhood memories on these back roads. 

 We kicked off the month with COLD temperatures. 
I couldn't help but step outside one morning just to capture the beauty of the snow. 

 FINALLY - After years of only sleeping 4-6 hours a night during the week, 
and catching up on weekends with marathon sleep sessions of 12-14 hours, 
I am finally sleeping 7-9 hours EVERY night.I feel like a new woman. 

 The 2018 Olympics began and I am loving it. 
I am not loving that the USA has less than 10 medals, but I am still hopeful for a strong finish. 

 Working out is going well.  I have only been getting in 1-2 good workouts a week, 
since I pulled something in my back, but overall I am feeling stronger and beginning 
to increase my endurance.

 Matt spoiled me once again on Valentine's Day. 
We sent these gorgeous flowers to work, and then got me new perfume and chocolate hearts too. 
It was an amazing day!

And, look who turned 10 weeks old. 
Matt and I are in love with our niece.  She is so precious! 

Have a great week. 


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