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January's Books

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Kicking off the new year means new books have been added to my reading collection for 2018.  This month I am tackling five new books and I am so eager to dig in.

1.  New Morning Mercies - Paul Tripp 
This book is one I have had my eye on for several years, and I finally decided this would be the year I would start incorporating it into my morning quiet time.  Its a daily devotional, that really digs deeps and challenges me (in a good way) to live more intentional for the Lord. I have heard so many stories about how this devotional has positively changed people lives, and I am so excited to finally get to read and experience this book.

I pre-ordered this book, and as part of a special deal, I was able to download the audio book to my phone for FREE, and that has been a GAME CHANGER.  I listen to this book on my way to and from work each day, and then work on the action tasks when I am at home at night and on weekends.  I am only six chapters in, and its already teaching me so much.  I am sure I will be sharing more about this book in the coming weeks. 

3.  Total Money Makeover - Dave Ramsey 
So, this one I am little timid to begin because I have BIG goals for our finances in 2018, and I know this guy can help us achieve those goals.  I plan to start this book the last week of the month and continue into February. 

I always love having a fiction book on my list, because it helps me escape from the world for a few minutes.  Her writing is so captivating, and I love the story about the Baxter Family.  And, of course, if there is a Karen Kingsbury book out that I haven't read, its on this list.

5. 100 Days to Real Food by Lisa Leake 
One of my major goals in 2018 is learning how to eat healthier, and that means clean eating.  I am slooowly reading through this book, and I have already learned so much.  My ultimate goal is that by the end of 2018 my entire diet is clean and full of healthy foods.  But, I am taking that one step at a time. 

Whats on your reading list for 2018?  Would love to hear all your recommendations.


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