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Happy Saturday Friends!!  And, hello long weekend!!  I am cannot believe we are kicking off summer this weekend with Memorial Day.  We have lots of low-key plans, and I am thrilled that Matt is off this weekend too.

I thought I would kick off the weekend with sharing a few things I am loving these days!

one. Walk - A Mile a Morning
A few months ago I had a pretty nasty fall, and really bruised and hurt my lower left leg and ankle.  Exercise has been out of the question for a while; however, I am finally able to start walking again (for exercise) and been trying to log-in a one mile walk every morning.  I know this is low for  most of you, but I have to start somewhere, right?  I am starting to feel stronger, and hopefully by the end of June I will be up to 2 miles each morning.

two. Write the Word Journal
I have to admit that I have been struggling lately with getting in my quiet time with the Lord each morning.  I found myself wanting to sleep in an extra 30-45 minutes instead of getting up and spending time in the Word.  Then a few weeks ago, I came across the Write the Word Journals, and I LOVE them!!!  Each day it gives you scripture to write, and then an area to write your thoughts, prayers, etc.  It has been so motivational , that I now I cannot wait to wake up early and dive into the word.  And, the good news is that is only takes 15-20 minutes and I still have time to get in my walk.  Check out the journals - CLICK HERE!

three. Summer Playlist
To kick off the summer season, I've put together a summer playlist.  Its a mix of feel good, toe tapping music.Enjoy!! 

four. Homemade trail mix
I have always loved a good trail mix, but decided a few weeks ago to make my own.  Here are the ingredients. Its soooo good. 

This past winter, I went to my first Nashville Predators game and LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!  We had a blast, and now that the Preds are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs is amazing. I am loving it, and cannot wait to the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin!! 

Happy Weekend Friends!! 

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