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Having a plan when life feels too hectic

If you have blogged for any length of time, you know that sometimes its just hard to decide what the next blog topic should be on.  That's where I've found myself this week, so I decided to look back at some of the blogs I drafted and never published.  And, I was excited to find the following post because it is so timely in my life right now. 

My work life is getting more and more hectic these days with lots of projects all coming due at the same time.  Yet, I know I just have to focus, stay positive, keep moving forward, trust and rely on the Lord, and these next few weeks will FLY by.  I hope you enjoy this post and all these great reminders:  


I came across this incredible “Manifesto” from Ann Voskamp’s Blog, and thought there is no better way to face a chaotic and overwhelming season in life than to face it head on. Below is a Sanity Manifesto, and to break it down into bit size amounts I thought it would be helpful to recap the top seven things that jumped out to me most.

1. First things first: Word in. Work out. Work plan.
Open your eyes every morning and just do these three things first:  
1. Word in: Get into God’s Word and let it get into you.  
2. Work out: Work out. Even  5 minutes of moving is better than nothing.  
3. Work plan: Take time (the night before is preferable) to write out a "to-do" list for the day.  Next, just work the plan you have in place. 

2. “What a heart knows by heart is what a heart knows”Its so important, as a Christian woman, to always be memorizing scripture.  The wisdom and guidance I have received in this simple practice has been life changing for me.

Write your memory verses on a spiral bound note card, a sticky note, your planner, anywhere where you will see it throughout the day.  "Because when you are memorizing Scripture, quiet time with the Lord — becomes all the time. (Who doesn’t want that?)"

3. Your work is art: it needs a soundtrack.
Music is so important to your day.  Be intentional to take time to select music to fill your office or home throughout the day.  My go-tos are Americana music, Praise and Worship Music, Classical music (if I have a lot of writing), and then a little bit of new-country.  

4. Step on the Snake Before Breakfast
Look at that list you made last night or this morning for the day and quickly identify the biggest or most crucial task on your list.  (You know the one that will be a HUGE relief when you finish.)  Then TACKLE IT, and when you finish it (or finish an important portion of it) the release will be propel you into a great rest of the day. 

5. Clean a space = clear head space
I live by this rule, and it helps improve my productivity 100%.  Keeping the work space clean, clears your head space to think.

6. Envision the End Goal
I work on EVERY major project from the ending to beginning.  I imagine the results I want to obtain and then work backwards, step by step, to ensure I set myself up for success. I then add each of those steps and tasks to my project management system, and finally just work the plan one small step at a time. 

7. Rest so you can have the rest of God.
I am really preaching to myself here, but this one is important.  I love how the manifesto said - sleep is more than your friend — it’s your God-given fuel. Tomorrow always begins with the night before, so turn in early so tomorrow can turn out well

I am taking each of these to heart, and hope they encouraged you too.

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