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Its Here! Its Here!  Today is one of my FAVORITE DAYS that only comes around every 4 years!  Its Inauguration Day, and I get so excited to see all of my favorite American traditions come to life once again. 

For me, today is not about a person.  Today is about my country.  The country that I am very proud to be a citizen, and the country that I will respect with everything I do. 

For me, as a Christian, its very important for me to respect and honor the authority that the Lord has put over my life. And in doing so, like I have for the past 18 years since I've been able to vote, I will not publicly or privately speak against the President of our country.  

Why?  Because I believe God appoints all existing leaders.  I truly believe that no one can get into a place of legitimate authority without God's knowledge.  So, if I was to speak against the President, it is more than just stating my small opinion, its actually rebelling against the ordinance of the Lord, and it will only bring judgement on me. 

I know this is getting into some really spiritual stuff, but every four years around election time, my belief on this subject grows a new resolve in my heart.  This principle is also one that I take into other areas in my life including my marriage (honoring my husband) and my work life (honoring my boss).  Because honoring the authority in my life, that the Lord has put before me, always brings blessings and peace.  However, when I resist the authority of God, whether directly or indirectly to His delegated authority, I find myself frustrated and stressed because I have come out of the Will of God.  I have learned this lesson the hard way, and I will always chose to stay in God's will than do anything that dishonors it.

Soooo.......... back to today.  Just as I did in 2000 after I voted for the first time, and again in 2004, 2008 and 2012, I will watch today's events with excitement and hope.  Hope that my President is successful, because if he is successful then we will be a successful country.  

May God bless our country.

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