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Every now and then, I like do a "getting to know you" post to introduce myself to new readers and followers to this blog.  I found these fun questions on one of my favorite blogs and thought I would give my answers. Hope you enjoy!!

What tradition is important to you?
Holiday Traditions are very important to me. I like to spend a lot of time with my immediate family.  There is something about having my hubby, parents, and in-laws all together enjoying time together.  Truly priceless to me.  

I also love all the traditions around Christmas.  Matt and I have many Christmas traditions, and I may share some of those with you in early December, as they really help make each Christmas very special. 

Do you carry a purse, if so whats in it?
I keep the essentials in my purse (wallet, powder, sunglasses, reading glasses, etc.) and then magically a lot of other items get added throughout the week.  I believe my purse has a big BLACK HOLE, and sometimes I can dig around for 5 minutes looking for something and never find it.  

I love to carry BIG colorful bags with lots of internal pockets.  

What’s your favorite go-to outfit for a quick polished look?
A cardigan, black pants, and classic black heels with pearl necklace and pearl/diamond earrings.  

Special beauty secrets?
Once a week: Deep condition hair, mask and deep moisturizer for face, whiten teeth, and drink lots and lots of water.  

Twice a month:  Get a manicure

Once a month:  Eye Brows Waxed, Get a Pedicure 

What’s your favorite go-to dinner for your family?
I have several dinners that are often on our dinner menu.  My goal is to get this list up to 30 different meals, so we can have variety in our meals to chose from.  Here are 6 selections from our regular dinners:

- Taco Salad
- Spaghetti
- Hot Chicken Salad 
- Hamburgers with Sweet Potato Fries
- Pork Chop and Mac-In-Cheese 
- An assortment of salads - Chicken or Steak Salads are my favorite Entree Salads

How do you balance work and life?
I am actually not great at this.  I try to recharge on the weekends, and during the week I try really hard to squeeze in a workout and bible study in the mornings before I get ready.  I go through phases of being disciplined with this, but I always feel so much better when I can make that happen.

Hope you've enjoyed this little insight into my life!!  
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