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5 on Friday

Its Friday and another round of 5 on Friday!!  I love these posts because its always a catch post from my week. Its been a great week, and I am sooo excited for the weekend ahead.

1. Battle at Bristol 
We finally got our Battle at Bristol tickets this week and I am super excited. The game is about a month away and I am literally counting down the days.

2. This Drink  - Starbucks Vanilla Latte
I am obsessed with this drink.  It is soooo delish, and the entire jug costs as much as one serving in the store. 

3. Instagram Stories 
Ummm.....hello Instagram?  They just laid the smack down on SnapChat.  I like both platforms, but Instagram is much easier to use.

4. New Bible Study via YouVersion 
 I am loving this new bible study, Learning to Lead Like Jesus. I have gained great information and tips on how to lead with more compassion, patience, and love.

5. The Hills 
All I have to say is THANK YOU MTV for putting one of my all time favorite shows back on TV for an hour this past week.  I absolutly loved the reunion show!!

And, finally, who is excited for the OLYMPICS!!!  I am sooo pumped for tonight's opening ceremonies, and so glad my mom is coming over to watch with me!

Happy Weekend!!
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