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End of the Year Resolutions............

Never in my life had I ever thought of writing End of the Year Resolutions; however, when I heard this phrase a few weeks ago I knew it was something I had to do. Being able to end the year stronger than I began it really intrigued me, and I knew if I ended 2015 strong that 2016 would kick off with lots of momentum and success.

So what are my End of the Year Resolutions?  They are simple, and they are helping me make BIG changes in my life.

#1 - Continue to eat a clean (no processed foods or soda) 
Its been 8 weeks since I've kicked off my clean eating lifestyle and to say I feel amazing is an understatement.  I am meal planning every weekend to ensure I have a plan for every meal throughout the week, and I'm even cooking at home almost (if not every) night of the week.  The bonus to this new lifestyle, I've lost over 20lbs and feeling amazing.

#2 - Workout 5 Days a Week
Over the last 8 weeks I've been working out 3-5 days a week, and I can begin to tell a difference in my body. With the holidays and a very hectic schedule, I've committed to ending 2015 by upping my workouts to a solid 5 days a week.  The workouts I do are from the 21 Day Fix program, and are so rewarding when I complete them each day. 

#3 - Get More Sleep
Yes, you read that right.  My End of the Year Resolution is to commit to getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night.  I was beginning to feel extremely wore out, and knew it was my lack of sleep that was kicking my booty.  I've moved my workouts to the evenings on some nights, just so I can sleep in an extra hour or two before starting my day.

 #4 - Stopping to Enjoy the Season
Its so easy to forget to stop and enjoy the Christmas season.  Matt and I are spending a lot of time together watching Christmas movies each night, and we even have plans to see the lights in our area, spend time with friends and family, and just enjoy this time of year.

I know these resolutions may seem simple, but I love to keep them on the top of my mind so I end the year stronger and more focused.

So what are your End of Year Resolutions?   

Be Blessed! 

*Photo Credit by Laura at Happy Fitness
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