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November You Have Been Good To Me............

I think everyone would agree, where in the world has November gone?  I felt like it was just the 1st and now the month is almost over!!  November is always such a fun month for me, because I just love the transition from fall into the Holidays.  I stayed extremely busy this month, and thought I would post a few pics to capture all I got into this month. Enjoy!

A few weeks ago - mom, Ryana, and I headed to the Biltmore to enjoy a fun Sunday afternoon.  
It was so nice to spend time with Ry since she is back home for a short time before she returns to Cambodia. 

 We kicked off the morning with brunch!
Next we did a driving tour of the grounds.   

I felt like the tour guide, as mom road and took pictures. 

We then headed to the farmers market to pick up some apples for Ry to make Apple Pies for some folks! It was an awesome day, and one I will cherish for a long time.

In other random updates, I took time to read this book and have loved some of the concepts it discussed.  I heard about this book at TN Governor's Conference on Tourism, and thought it was something I should read.  My email can be a little overwhelming at times, and some of these methods have already helped me process those emails, much more efficiently.

 My best friend Tiffany talked me into getting this CD, and I am SO GLAD I DID!!  
I simply love it!!

 Tennessee Football has been on a roll these last few weeks (makes up for the first part of the season), so we have had a few indoor-tailgate parties at our house.  This lil guy hammed up all the attention from Grandma Davis.  He was just so happy!! 

 So if you know anything about me, you know I love my cats, but I do not like cat things.  However, for my one year anniversary with BCM, my marketing team gals got me these fun gifts.  I just about died!! (And, secretly I LOVED it!! Classy Cat Stuff)

 I have been enjoying streaming this season's Downton Abbey (I just couldn't wait), and oh my, I cannot wait for it to come on in America, so I can watch it again.  This season is sooooo goood.

 Lil Man Davis still loves the blanket MeMe bought us at the beach. 
He and is brother Scooter Man Davis have both claimed it. 

 A few weeks ago, we hosted a casting call for a film about the 1927 Bristol Sessions that is being shot in Bristol.  It was one crazy night, but its things like this that I LOVE about my job! 

 Over 200 people tried out, and it was a little crazy! 

The next week, we headed to Richmond for the VA Governor's Conference on Tourism.  
Its actually one thing I love about living in a city that is in two states.  You can get involved with both states to maximize our efforts.  This Pre-Conference Digital Marketing Workshop was awesome! 

 Highlight of the conference - DEBATES!!!  There were some major take downs and I haven't laughed this hard in years.  And, yes that guy in the American Flag shirt (debating about spending more monies in domestic group travel vs. international) is Bristol's CVB Director.  So awesome!

 I wanted to end with this pic!!  I am involved with Lead Bristol, and during this day of training we were doing Emergency Preparedness Training.  We were playing out scenes of an active shooter, and when they clicked this pic it looks like I am going to take that SWAT guy out.  LOL! 

Hope you enjoyed my random November!  Now, let the Holidays begin!!

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