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Turning 35...........

 A Little Birthday Treat at Dinner with my hubby at Ruth's Chris

I turned 35 on Friday!  And, no this year I didn't have any quarter-life or mid-life crisis.  LOL!  I don't think I will ever live down the panic I experienced when I turned 25.  Ha!!  The day was absolutely perfection.  Matt and I both took off the Friday to make a three day weekend, so I was able to sleep in before heading out to run errands and a little shopping.  After a fun day of shopping around K-Town, we headed to a nice dinner and enjoyed just spending the day together.  Matt (as always) made the day simply perfect, and I simply couldn't have experienced a better day!

Loving my new right hand ring from my sweet hubby!

As with most birthdays, I (like many of us) find time to reflect on the past year(s) and look forward with anticipation for the next year holds.  My 34th year didn't disappoint, and it truly was a year of transition. However, as I head into my 35th year, and still going through major transitions, I cannot help but have a new hopes and dreams for this year.  And, to help keep me a little more accountable, I thought I would share some of those wishes for this coming year:


1.  Get My Eating In Shape

2. Get Moving  - Join a Gym

3.  Get my PCOS under control. 

4.  Sleep 7 to 9 Hours a Night

5.  Take up a sport - Running, Tennis, or Biking

Travel and Entertainment

6.  Spend a Week (Or Two) at the Beach

7. Take 3 Long Weekend Trips with my hubby

8. See Jimmy Buffett in Concert

9. See Pink Martini or Michael Buble in Concert

10.  Go to at least one (1) away UT Game 


11.  Take time to celebrate milestones, birthdays, and anniversary with my close family! 

12.  Have dinner with my parents at least one night a week!

13.  Reconnect with my extended family. 

14. Go on a fun long weekend trip with my mom and dad.

15. Begin preparing to start "our" family. 


16. Take time to let my close girlfriends know how much they mean to me! 

17. Visit my best friend, Tiffany in Texas!

18. Go on a girls weekend trip
19. Spend time often my "church" family.  


20. Establish an early morning quiet time with The Lord everyday. 

21.  Complete two bible studies, and possibly lead one of those. 

22.  Journal my prayers and walk with God.

23. Get more involved in church.

24. Read through the Bible. 

25.  Memorize 12 to 24 verses of scripture in 2015. 


26. Accomplish top 10 goals I have in my job

27. Read at least one (1) professional development book a month. 

28. Continue second year at Southeast Tourism Society's Marketing College


29. Read at least two fiction/fun books this year. 

30. Learn to cook 27 new dinner meals. 

31. Get a little more serious about saving and retirement planning

32. Find and buy our "Lets Grow Old Here" House

33. Take a fun "artsy" class - pottery, painting, etc.

34. Volunteer - Find a local organization to volunteer my time and money too. 

35. Blog more often. 

So here is to an exciting 35!!!  Looking forward to sharing all this year has in store. 

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on turning 35! I'm one year older than you and your blog is one of many that I have bookmarked - and I pop by every once in a while. I was encouraged to see that some of the things that would be on my list (had I made one at the time of my birthday) were also on yours. I get down on myself thinking that I should have mastered some of these things by now: morning quiet time routine, weight loss, read more books...and I even have PCOS too! But lately, I've just been meditating on the verse that says even when I'm unfaithful (in big & little things) HE remains faithful (2 Tim 2:13) Birthday Blessings to you ~ Susan C. Altamonte Springs Florida

Anonymous said...

Oh...and Beth Moore with Living Proof Ministries does a great scripture memorization program in odd numbered years (2015!) and it's an opportunity to memorize 24 verses throughout the year! You can check it out at

Anita Henderlight said...

Kim! I may be able to help with the Pink Martini goal! I grew up with one of the band members in the Midwest. Nice to hear that you enjoy their music!

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