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Birthday Weekend...........On the Couch???

These last few days have not gone according to my plan - Not at all!!!  Ha!!  Matt & I had made plans to head out of town for a few days to celebrate my 34th Birthday in a very low-key way, just the two of us. What's better than that!  LOL!  Well, my plans began to become in jeopardy when we both woke up last Sunday feeling awful.  I thought it was a cold we had caught decorating the outside of the house in the cold the day before; however, by Tuesday afternoon I felt so bad that I could hardly move.  

On Wednesday I stayed home and worked from my bed all day, until I literally couldn't think straight.  So Wednesday night I laid down on the couch and hardly moved 4 days.  I have been so sick to my stomach, with no energy, a sore throat, a horrible cough, and just feeling blah.  I did venture out on Saturday, but that was short lived and I was back to resting all Saturday night.  

I HATE not feeling well, but to tell you the truth I can't help but think I had this coming.  I have put my body through so much stress and anxiety over the past couple of years, and the past 3-4 months I have neglected my health like never before.  My body is past exhaustion, and I know that only rest, a change in diet, and exercise are going to bring it back to life.  

So, as I venture back to get my heath back in order (more on that later), I have to say that my birthday was actually a really sweet one.  I had lots of texts, cards, phone calls, gifts, FB messages, etc. from so many wonderful friends. Many I haven't had the chance to call or write back to yet, but the kindness of my friends truly touched me.   I seemed to be really sappy all day, and found myself in tears (of joy) throughout the day.   I think its because I wasn't feeling well, or maybe its age, but I have been much more sentimental lately, and that is a whole new thing for me.  Ha!! 

On Saturday, Matt finally ventured out of the house, and when he came back he got me the best GET-WELL SOON gift.  The first, second, and third seasons of Downton Abbey.  It was perfect, as I wanted to get caught up on Season 3 before the big Season 4 premier party next Sunday.  :-) 

Its been the best gift, especially on this rainly, dreary Sunday!   

I am beginning to feel better, and fingers crossed I will get better this week, just in time to finish (ie start) my Christmas shopping and even make a few of my holiday dishes!!

Have a blessed Sunday my friends!!

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