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Count Your Blessings...........

"Count Your Blessings, Name Them One by One....." - this old hymn has been rolling around in my mind all weekend, and it has reminded over this Thanksgiving Break just how truly blessed I am.  This weekend has been simply wonderful.  I got to spend lots of time with my close friends and family; however, in typical "Kim style" I didn't take one photo the entire time.  LOL!!

So to wrap up this time of giving thanks, here are a few of the amazing blessings the Lord has given me:

A Friendship & Relationship with Christ - The heart of who I am, and all that I believe are founded in my relationship with Christ.  I am no where near perfect, but my hearts desire is to serve Him each day through serving others. 

My Incredible Marriage - My husband is amazing.  The Lord brought us together over 17 years ago, and I cannot imagine having anyone else by my side.  And, lately I keep remembering sweet memories back when we were teenagers and we would dream about our life together when we were "all grown up." We would daydream, and it's simply amazing that many of our "dreams" have come true!! He makes me laugh, supports me in everything I do, and most of all shows me so much love and compassion each and every day.

My Parents - My parents are truly my rocks and my biggest fans.  They are always there to listen, to encourage, and give amazing advise.  I am so lucky to be their daughter, and love them with everything in my.

My In-Laws - How did I get so lucky?  Not only do I have incredible parents, but my In-Laws are also the most giving and loving second set of parents a girl could ask for.  They just pour so much love and support into Matt and I, and I love that they continue to instill in us that family and our marriage always comes first.

My Bro & Sis-in-Law - Jamie (aka - "Henry") and Kristy are two of my best friends.  Jamie has always been my big-bro, and how lucky was I when he married Kristy, one of my closest friends.  Its amazing having a best friend who is also a sister, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  And, as our lives begin to move into a new season, I am so excited with all the memories and experiences that lay ahead of us.

My Church Family - The Montgomery Family are honestly my third family.  When I decided to venture out and join a church that I didn't know anyone, the Montgomery's reached out and "adopted" me as their own.  Along with Jamie and Kristy, they are Matt & I's closest friends, and we always have the best time together.  Through the good times and the hard times, they have been by my side, and I honestly so blessed to call them my "other parents" and my "friend."

My Best Friend - Tiffany.  There are no words to describe what Tif means to me.  We have been through so much together, and I don't think I have ever had a more loyal, loving, praying, and encouraging friend as I have in Tif.  She is my spiritual rock, and she truly pushes me to in my walk with the Lord and encourages me to keeping going when I want to give up on myself. 

My Lifetime Best Friends -  I just cannot tell you how blessed I am with an incredible support system and best friends I have from childhood.  These lifelong friends know me better than anyone, and most importantly support me better than anyone.  They are my rocks and would be there for me in a heart beat.  I would do anything for them, and I know their feelings are the same. Seeing them, or even catching up on the phone is such a blessing and can lift my spirits more than words can express.

My Knoxville Friends - Since moving to Knoxville almost seven years ago, I have made some amazing friendships.  I cannot image life without these amazing ladies (you know who you are), as they have made living in a town without my family a lot more enjoyable.  And, in some seasons we don't get to talk all that often; however, I cherish these friendships so very much and so blessed to call them each one of my best friends. 

Our Small Group - The Lord has brought us together for "such a time as this," and I am savoring every moment.  Our church small group are incredible, and we have been through so much for the past 2 1/2 years. I love serving along side them, and growing in the Lord with incredible group of Christians. 

Our Home - I really like the house Matt and I bought a few years ago; however, I LOVE the home we have built in our time together.  I love that our home is our refuge from this crazy, busy word.  Its a place where we can relax and rest, its a place full of laughter and amazing memories and traditions.  I  have been studying ways to make our home a haven, as one day children will fill our home and I desire them to have a safe, loving, and uplifting place to grow up in. 

My career - I am truly blessed to being able to do something that I am so passionate about.  Most days, work doesn't feel like "work," it feels more like accomplishing something bigger than myself.  I am honored the Lord has given me the job I have, and the people I work with are amazing. 

The Promise for a Future - The Lord gives each of us a promise - "To prosper us and not to harm us,  to give us hope and a future." (Jer 29:11)   I am hanging on to this promise as the Lord has begun moving me into a new season.  Over the past six months The Lord has been changing my heart toward several sweet promises, and I am just striving to abide in Him. 

Life is good, and I am truly blessed to count my blessings one by one.  

Here's to a blessed Holiday Season!!

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