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Slowing Down...............

Life just doesn't slow down.........does it? It seems with each passing year, the days and months speed up!  (I mean its almost WAY!!)  

This past Friday night I was browsing Facebook and came across a conversation about the old school T.G.I.F. TV on Friday nights.  Several of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s reminisced about shows like Full House, Step by Step, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, Hangin w Mr.Cooper filled our Friday nights.  

It was the days when being a kid was simply awesome.  I know in my family the weekends brought a much needed breathe of fresh air.  Our routine was simple........Friday night dinner followed by T.G.I.F. TV, Saturday morning was filled with cleaning of the house, washing cars and playing outside, followed by a nice dinner and watching Hee-Haw (ha!!!!), and Sunday brought Church and then a visit to my grandmother's house, shopping, grocery store, and then back home to prepare for the week ahead.  Most weekends were quiet, simple, and very relaxing. 

However, as we all grow older the demands for our schedule gets more and more demanding, and the days of "weekends being full of rest" are a distant memory.  I find myself feeling exhausted, sleep deprived, and a to-do list 10-miles long by the time Friday rolls around. All I want to do is sleep, but commitments and errands must be done before Sunday, which leads to weekends that are simply gone before I even knew they started.  

Over the past few months, I have struggled to get my life back to "normal," and it seems that my weekends are a great place to start to regain balance in my life.  The Lord has been drawing me into a season of "being still."  A time where my weekends (and even week nights) are to be calmer and filled with rest and restoration.  I have been facing a lot of battles over the past few months, and I know in this season the Lord is blessing my obedience in being still, and working on my behalf, all while He is restoring and strengthening me for the plans He has in store for my future. 

Now life is not slowing down; however, I am purposefully saying no to a lot of invites and social activities, so I can rest, read, abide in His presence. The Lord is renewing me during this time, and I am trusting in His Word and promises.  I am going to embrace this season in my life, and remain steadfast in trusting the Lord with His direction and will. 
Have a blessed week!!  
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