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Vacation Recap........Redefining My Priorities

Last week, Matt and I headed to the beach for a little R and R, and of course lots of sleep and sun were in our plans too!  We both have been going in two different directions for the past several months, and really needed some time just to relax, talk, and honestly just spend time together. 

The week was filled with lots of time sitting and relaxing on the beach, followed by delicious dinners, shopping, and bed by 10ish!  Honestly, every day was like the day before, except we changed our dinner location and added a game of putt-putt one night.  LOL!!

In all honestly, vacations like these are sooooo good for my soul.  They help me get back to being "me," not the Kim that is stressed out 24/7 and addicted to work.  Weeks off like this help me realize what my true priorities are, and remind me of the amazing relationships I have in my life.  

I spent a couple of days writing, and one afternoon I listed in order my priorities in my life and ways I needed to improve those areas in my life.  My overall priority, and the one that explains who I am and my purpose in life is my relationship with Jesus.  If that is not first, then everything is upside down.  And, lately my relationship with the Lord has taken a back seat to a lot of things in my life, which equals everything feeling like it was turned upside down. 

I then moved onto the key relationships in my life, and filled 5+ pages of my journal listing the close relationships that fill my life.  From my amazing husband, Matt, who is simply my rock and my soul mate, to my amazing parents, my loving In-Laws and Jamie and Kristy, to my amazing best friends and even a couple of friends who I still consider BFFs even though we don't talk as often. 

I was blown away that I spend 99% of my time focusing on work, when in reality its my hubby, family, and best friends that fill up 99% of my heart.  This gal honestly got a realty check, and a good one.  I must figure out how to discipline myself to spend time and show love to my friends and family more.  Taking time to call them, write letters, send gifts, visit, etc. is simply a must in my life.  I know it will richly bless me, and help me get my "priorities" back in line with what it truly important. 

And, don't get my wrong, I absolutely LOVE and ADORE my job, I just needed a little "reality" check to get it in balance, so in the long run I will be more successful at both relationships and in my career. 

All and All it was a wonderful vacay.  With some amazing memories made, and life lessons learned.  

I will post pics soon.  Blogger has been acting up, and not letting me upload pics.  :-( 

Have a great week!!
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