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Well Hello There.............

I was talking to my mom last night, and she sweetly asked what happened to my blog?  I  quickly laughed and said it had been a couple of days since I've updated, and reminded me it had been over 2 week!!  What???  In the last 10 years of blogging, I don't think I have ever taken 2 weeks off!! 

What in the world??

My life can be summed up by one word - WORK!!  I am sooooo lucky to have found a job I LOVE, has been little time for life. 

And, to be honest I cannot imagine my life any other way.  I know that in this season in my life, my days and nights are consumed with my career, and I am good with that!!  My boss sent me this reminder over the weekend, and this is our goal in 2013.  #goodstuff

Now, to catch you up on my life, here are a few fun pics of the last two weeks!!

Our Incredible Marketing Team!!!  #bestteamever!!!

Katherine, Leanna, and I at KAMA Honors!!

 I soooo have to stop doing this!!

Celebrating South Fest!!  

A rare Family Night In - My Hubby and "Our Boys"

Speaking of family, I got the opportunity to head home of the weekend to celebrate my sweet soon-to-be Sis-In-Law Wedding Shower!!  I had the best time, and LOVED being surrounded with so much LOVE!!

Celebrating the "Queen Bee" Kristy

Everything was Yellow and Black Themed!!

My Three Moms!!
My Mother-in-Law, My Church Mom, and My Sweet Mom!

 Two of my favorite ladies.......

My Brother-In-Law and My Mother-In-Law
Jamie & Emma

After the shower, I headed back to Knoxville Saturday night, and early Sunday, we decided when we woke up that we wanted to have brunch at the Biltmore.  Kristy and Jamie took care of all the details, and we headed to Asheville to meet up with them.  We had an incredible brunch at Biltmore,  hiked several miles around the park looking at the tulips, and toured the winery before heading back to Knoxville for a relaxing Sunday night. 

 The Three Loves of My Lfe.........#myfamily

 Tulips!!! #amazing

 Biltmore Brunch!

 Amazing Sunday!!

 Hiking the Grounds 

 My Bro-In-Law......

 Hiking the Grounds!

 Loved these Dogwood Trees!!

 Hubby on the Hiking Trail

 Matt and "Henry"

More Hiking!!
 Had An Incredible Time!! 

All in all, these last two weeks have been AWESOME!!  As for this week, its another mad pace, but I love it.  We are hosting some national writers in town this weekend, and its always fun to show visitors and journalists around Knoxville.  There are so many exciting and fun things to do here, that its always fun letting people experience all the variety our city has to offer. 

Have a wonderful week!!  


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Paige McDaniel said...

I love the pics from Biltmore! So pretty!!

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