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Time for an update..........

I know! I know!  Its been a week since I've updated, but honestly I feel like I am just catching my breath from a long and hectic week! Last week, I found myself with work committments Monday - Thursday nights, which lead to no time for a personal life.  I did take it easy over the weekend with a quiet and peaceful weekend, which is exactly what I needed.  My sweet mom came down for a surprise visit on Saturday and Sunday, and it was nice to have some one-on-one time with her.  

Life has just been crazy busy lately, and I honestly don't know where the days go.  I truly HAVE to get some balance in life, bc it seems all I do is work 24/7. I am not complaining, I truly LOVE my job, but some days I rarely see my husband and days, if not weeks, go by bf I find time to call a friend back.  

Its just a struggle, and its something that I am REALLY challenging myself to figure out.  And, figure out fast.  I've noticed that I've pushed away from my relationship with the Lord, and as I woke up this morning I felt a stirring in my spirit that I had not felt in a LONG time.  A stirring that "Somthing BIG was on the horizon."  However, I have been a follower of Jesus for long enough to know that if I don't get somethings in order and work to get balance, it could all be taken away because my life is not pleasing or glorifying my Lord!  

I struggle with comparing myself with "super" Christians and SAHM.  They seem to have it all together, and I can't even find time for an entire week to write a blog.  LOL!  

I struggle to find the balance between work "after-hours" and being a "debbie-downer" and not hanging out with "work friends."  
I am not mad at myself; however, I am aware that I must get my priorities in line before my "priorities" are taken away.  

I know I'm not alone in this struggle.  I just wanted to be real and let you know where I was at with "life."  

If you have any tips or feedback, I would love to hear. 

Have a blessed week, and thanks for giving me time to "catch up!"

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