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I had a Birthday Day Do Over!!

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 WOW.......this week has been "interesting!" I had planned on taking Wednesday - Friday off to celebrate my B-Day and get some necessary personal things taken care of; however, it was clear on Sunday afternoon that wasn't going to happen. 

The sickness that has been going around lately, finally hit the Davis House.  Matt caught it first, and then I did.  Followed up with a Migraine on my B-Day.  Yuck!!  I could hardly move on Wednesday, and slept the majority of the day.  When I woke up Thursday, I was feeling mostly better, and decided to have a "Birthday Day" do-over.  Ha!

Matt and I treated it like it was my Birthday, and we ended up heading to Nashville to shop all day for presents for mostly us!  Ha!! 

All in all, I had an AWESOME birthday!! This weekend, I am headed home for the day Saturday for dad and I to get Mom's Christmas shopping done, followed by a busy Sunday, filled with a radio interview, church, and a special visit from some of my favorite people. 

Have a great weekend!!

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Whitney of Washington said...

So sorry you've been sick but so glad you had a fun time in Nashville!

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