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Christmas Favorites - Movies

I love Christmas!!  That is no secret.  And, one of the things I love most about Christmas are the MOVIES!!  Above are some of my favorite Holiday Favorites.  And, my goal is to watch all before Christmas Day!!

1. White Christmas
2. Holiday Inn
3. Christmas Vacation - Watched while we decorated our tree!
4. Elf - Already Watched
5. Christmas Shoes
6. Christmas Child
7. Frosty the Snowman
8. Garfield's Christmas - LOVE IT!!
9. The Holiday - LOVE IT!!
10. Christmas with the Kranks
11. Surviving Christmas - Already Watched
12. Last Holiday

What Christmas Movies do you love?

Happy Watching!!

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Whitney of Washington said...

White Christmas is my all-time favorite. When we were growing up, my grandparents had TWO VHS tapes at their house. White Christmas was one of them. My sister and I watched them year-round! Brings back the BEST memories.

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