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2012............Couldn't End Fast Enough

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I don't think I have ever wanted a year to end as quickly as I have 2012.  Ha!!  I can't believe I just wrote that, but in all honesty that is how I feel about this year.  Now before I get ahead of myself, I will say that some good things came from this year - My Best Friend Got Married and I had the opportunity to begin leading a bible study again, but all in all this year was wrapped up in work.  

And, not the fun kind of work, the kind that I honestly spent 11 months of the year without any security that I would have a job the next day.  I worked my tail off because I believed in our company and our new vision, but that kind of stress can do something to a gal. I learned more this year professionally than I have in the past 10 years of working, I learned that hard work, determination, and integrity go a long way.  However, the journey was not easy; however, no one said it would be.

I couldn't decide if I should do a year-in-review; however, I have done one for the past few years, and its something I LOVE looking back on.  So, here is a little recap of 2012! 

Side Note: As I put the following recap together, I realized how truly amazing God really is.  He blessed me with so much GOOD stuff this year, that I had truly forgotten.  I am amazed that all He has carried me through, and He gets all the Glory for the successes this year!   

It is standing room only as attorney Ward Phillips addresses the Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corp. Board of Directors about the employment of President and CEO Gloria Ray during a meeting Friday.   (MICHAEL PATRICK/NEWS SENTINEL)
  I kicked off the year with board meeting after board meeting.  Notice the 7+ camera to the right.  Did I mention we only have three local news networks............ (Source: KNS PHOTO)

Yup, that would be Police in our Office Building.  We had so many threats that we had to have police on stand-by during Board Meetings. (Source: KNS PHOTO)

More Board Meetings and More Camera.  The good part was I got to know some amazing reporters this year that I usually don't get to work with on a daily basis #thebrightside (Source: KNS PHOTO) 

Hosting the first of four (4) Media Tours.

Celebrating a wedding with two of my favorite side-kicks!

The only way I made it through 2012!  Lots of prayer, studying God's Word, and having Faith that He would do Exceedingly Abundantly More Than I Could Ever Dream. (And, He Did!!)

Matt and I attending Zoofari at Knoxville Zoo.  We had an awesome time! 
Media Tour Group #2 - River Plains Farm............AMAZING Dinner.  
Laney and I still talk about that chicken.  LOL!

My Sidekick Katherine - Who I Could Not Have Made it through this year without!!
Media Tour #3 - My favorite Media Tour to date.  LOVE THIS GROUP!! 

Matt & I took a weekend trip to ATL with the Montgomery's and caught a little baseball.  
Not the Yankees, but we had fun.  HA!

Chaning the Name of our organization in July was a HUGE Milestone. 
The Kims and Hubert Smith!

My best friend getting married in July!!  Amazing day for such an amazing couple! 
Beth Moore LIVE IN KNOXVILLE!  Perfect way to kick-off Fall! 

This year I oversaw all the Special Events for the United Way Campaign!  
Checkout our Campaign Kick-off Breakfast!

We headed to ATL to watch the Vols kickoff their season against NC State.  
Too bad that was the highlight of the Season! 

UT Alum and Our Blood Runs Orange!

Our Traveling Partners!!  Jamie & Kristy

Getting Ready for Boomsday from the Water.  
Check'n out the Bridge from the water before the Big Boom!

Boomsday (Source: Photo KNS)

Kicking off the Fair with two of my favorite Ladies!!

Football Saturdays!!

Somehow made it in the Top Achievers as an Ambassador for the Chamber a few time this year! 

I LOVE THIS STADIUM......Florida Game (didn't end well!)

Lots of Luncheons and Events Filled the Fall!  
This is the Legacy Parks Luncheon.  Amazing Speaker! 

Leading two bible studies this fall...........simply one of the highlights of the year!

Had the opportunity to get involved with Leadership Knoxville's Introduction Knoxville, and absolutely  LOVED IT!!  Amazing group of people! 

Took this lil guy Trick-Or-Treating this year!!  So much fun!!

Hiked to the Key Hole at Ijams this fall too!  
Simply amazing this is only a couple of miles from downtown. 
I love this city!!

Decorated for Christmas.  Of course, tree trimming happens as we watch Christmas Vacation!  

Dollywood for the Holidays!!  We had an awesome time!

Completing the 2013 Visitor Guide with an incredible team, who believed in us when no one else did!  They truly helped me get through a lot of the hard times in 2012!  
Can't wait to start planning the next one!

Last day of work for the year, and my car (while I was in it) got hit in the parking garage.   
Hoping to get this fixed VERY SOON!!

Watching White Christmas at the Tennessee Theatre.  Love that it begins with playing the Organ and everyone singing to our favorite Christmas Carols!

Welcoming this bundle of joy into our home last Christmas, and getting to spend an entire year with her.  She will always have a special place in our hearts.  We miss you Kit Kat!

Celebrating an engagement of the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Davis!  
Let the wedding planning begin!!

All and all, I am glad this year happened, a lot of GOOD has come out of it.  I am super excited about the coming year!!  Here is to an incredible 2013!

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