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Its So Hard.............

A few years ago, Matt and I went to North Carolina to visit one of my college friends who had recently gotten engaged.  During our visit to celebrate Melanie and Andre's happy news, we got to spend some time with Mel's cats, one in which Matt fell in love with.  Fast forward two years, and Melanie was getting ready to move to Switzerland and needed to find a home for one of those cats (yup, the one Matt fell in love with.)  It was a no brainer, and last December I headed to the North Carolina line to say bye to my sweet friend Melanie and pick up the newest addition to the Davis Household.

 The one standing up is Kit Kat........sooo cute!

The introduction between KitKat and the Davis Boys (Butterman Davis, Lil Man Davis, and Scotterman Davis) took a little time.  We had a few months of "transition;" however, by the Spring everyone was in a routine.  She had become the princess of the house, and spent 99.9% of her time with Matt, and .01% of her time with me.  HA!  The boys were fine with this arrangement, as they have always been around me at night.  Matt was loving this arrangement too, she would follow him around, hang out with him as he played video games, watched movies and tv!  They were two peas in a pod.  I would often go upstairs,and they would be sacked out on the couch together, both sleeping away! 

This was before we got the couch for Matt's Media Room - Look Closely and You will see her waiting patiently on Matt to come home.  LOL! 

She liked Lil Man and Scotterman, but Butterman was a different story. 

Kit Kat really did love spending time with Matt.  She would be calm and chill all day, but as soon as she heard the garage door open, she would quickly run to the kitchen to see her "daddy."  She would literally skip behind him as she followed him around.  She would chase after him, if he was playing with her, and we would always laugh as she would shimmy around in a circle "scratching" at the floor. 

You see, this year has been an incredible tough year.  I have often been "married" to my job, that sometimes by the time I got home I was too exhausted to do anything but sleep.  Matt has been the most incredible husband, and as we get our lives back to normal in these past few weeks it seemed that our little family of "6" was just perfect. 

 Earlier this year, Matt had to travel on business, so Kit Kat had to hang out with me as I worked. 

However, this past week everything just changed.  On Tuesday evening, I was climbing in bed around 11p.m. when I heard this awful crying sound.  I quickly got out of bed, and found Kit Kat in the Hall floor, eyes rolled back, mouth open, and breathing really fast and shallow.  I was sure she was having a stroke and dying, and Matt just sat next to her.  After waiting a few minutes and calling two Emergency Clinics, we decided it would be best to go to the Vet ER.

 If Matt was home, she didn't like to sit on the floor!  LOL!

We gently placed her in a carrier, and drove to the ER.  As we arrived, she sat up acting like she was okay.  I will honestly say, I breathed a small sigh of relief as I felt her "stroke" had passed and we would get her looked at and then be on our way home.

 This is not just any box, it Butterman Davis' Box, which I honestly think she would it in just to make him mad.  LOL!

We went inside, did all the paperwork, and then waited to see the doctor.  When the doctor came in, everything went south fast.  She began crying really loud again, and then began having a hard time breathing.  He found a large mass on her left side, and explained that the mass was taking all her blood and had made her extremely anemic.  She literally laid on her side hardly able to breathe, and our reality became really sad.

 She loved hanging out in the boy's "bunk".  She was so little, she looked like she was choking herself.  Too Sweet!

As we drove home, we were in shock.  I was feeling thankful that everything happened so fast, but so sad that this little "princess" had stolen our hearts and she was not going to be in our lives anymore. We climbed in bed about 3:00 a.m., and I don't think Matt or I slept the entire time.  On Wednesday night, before heading home for Thanksgiving we buried her, and it was honestly so hard to hold it together. 

 She LOVED the Sun.  And, would often take all of it as she chill'n.  What you can't see is LIL MAN Davis on the edge of the doorway trying to get some sun too. 

I have found myself over the last few days with a lump in my throat, and on the edge of tears.  Like when I grabbed four bowls to feed the cats dinner, and realized I only needed three.  When I get up in the morning and begin walking toward the room we kept her in at night to let her out, and realize the door is open and she is not there.  When I am working on my blogs, and expect her to come sit on my lap, and she never comes around. 

Yes, this past week has been so hard.  And yes, I am so thankful if it had to happen, that it happened on Tuesday night not Wednesday night when we were home for Thanksgiving.  

I am thankful for the past 11-months.  Matt and I are sad, but we are so blessed that we had this time.  We have a lot of good memories, and she totally stole our heart. 

We will miss you Kit Kat!

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kim harbin said...

Kim, you know how emotional I am and this broke my heart. I can't imagine how you feel. Love you my friend! Kim H :'(

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