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Well I've Got Some Good News........

WOW...........this has been a crazy week.  And, as things seem to be flying by at warp speed, I am so glad I have this blog to capture all the craziness so I won't forget everything going on these days.  

Over the past week life has been good. Oh what I am saying...........LIFE HAS BEEN AWESOME!!  After nine (9) LONG months of working harder than I ever have, stressing so much by body ached from it, and giving up my entire personal life for my job, our company has taken a HUGE step forward in being able to soon secure our contract with the City/County. Its been a LONG time of uncertainty, but we kept focus, and I can finally breath a "little" better.  

Of course, this type of announcement means Press, Press, and more Press.  Here is a pic of our President doing an interview in studio.  She is a pro at handling the media these days, and I am just amazed at her flexibility in handling so many questions.  Its not uncommon for her to be interview 3-5 times a week (and many times that many in a day) by all the TV networks and/or newspapers. 

In other FUN news, somehow in all the madness, I somehow accomplished being in the "Top 4" of Top Ambassadors this month. 

And, some other fun things that happened this week included:  

Our new patio table arrived. I walked out the door early Thursday morning and there was this man with our table.  Matt quickly put together, and we are enjoying our ALL WOODEN Table. No more glass for us!

My Bro-In-Law and I attended the UT vs. Georgia State Game last week.  And..........

 I wore a hat.  I NEVER wear hats, but the weather was gloomy and rainy, and there was no way I was going to deal with my long hair in the rain.  LOL!!

The sweet kids in my neighboorrd were having a training bike race.  They were soooo cute. One lil one, kept pedding backwards, it was to sweet.  (The simple things in life sometimes are the sweetest!)

Here is another work pic.  A luncheon we attended to kick-off the TN Valley Fair!! And, speaking of FAIR, here are two of my favorite FAIR ladies!!

This weekend we have lots of plans, and the best part is Matt is off ALL weekend and we are excited to spend the wknd together. 

Have a GREAT weekend, and good luck to my beloved VOLS!!  So excited for the days ahead. 

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Whitney of Washington said...

Congrats on all the work accomplishments!

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